Minimalist Vs Magpie

Now that I’ve nailed down my ankle boots and white trainers for the spring, I’m feeling the need to branch out. In all honesty I’m a magpie at heart, masquerading most days an a minimalist… 😉

[ezcol_1half]While simplicity and clean lines strike a big chord with me the real excitement eschews from my teenage charity shop days or when I used to raid my grandmother’s closet for silk scarves and old coats. Let’s just say it’s the Italian in me fighting to get out that draws me to the more flamboyant things. I’ve discovered over the years that these flamboyant things on the whole don’t really suit me and somehow growing up as a tween and teen in Denmark may have effected me more than I realised. But, as most of us are, I find myself forever a conflict, two sides fighting for dominance while seeking a happy medium! [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]So with plain jeans and knit, surely a serviceable concession is a pair of shoes with a little something going on. The granny-esque shoes that firmly took hold a few seasons ago, and I’m loving seeing all the inventive variations flood in, these ones have fab fringing. The key feature being a chunky, lowish heel making them something you can totally wear on a regular day. Maybe not a child outing type of day – trainers everytime, sorry – but certainly a work related or meeting adults kind of day. Wore this for last night’s craft event with grown-ups where I tried my hand at dyeing cloth indigo – on Insta Stories. [/ezcol_1half_end]

Shoes | Next / Jeans | M&S / Jumper | J Lindeberg / Coat | Topshop / Belt | M&S 

Bag | Simon Miller | Necklace EA Burns

Lipstick | Axiology / Gold signet | Bianca Jones Jewellery |  Sunglasses | Finlay & Co  


Experimenting with lipstick for the first time in ages! This is organic, vegan & cruelty free US brand Axiology in Vibration.

All photography by myself on Olympus Pen  F with 17mm lens 

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    1. Yes so ready to leave the boots behind now! Looked gorgeous today and then the rain started haha! xx

  1. Hey Julia… you’ve put it all so more succinctly & eloquently than I managed to in the blog post I published yesterday. I thought the title was rather ‘witty’ though (“out of print!”) – I forever drawn to bright & beautiful printed fabrics (due to Afghan genes) and yet, I buy these pieces and don’t wear them as I’m a minimalist at heart ???????? love the shoes, should have bought them earlier when I was in store ????

    1. Haha, must pop over and have a read! Yes, always abit torn, forever drawn to the more flamboyant and yet often doesn’t work on me! So try and introduce into a moderate way. Takes years doesn’t it to finetune properly! 🙂 xx

    1. Aw thanks Hattie! Lovely to hear 🙂 loved your Bear Brooksbank piece, meant to say! Xx

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