M&S #TheEverywearChallenge

As you know, I’m forever looking for a way to make getting dressed simpler. Easy wardrobe formulas and key pieces are the backbone to easy outfits. You just need a starting point…

Taking part in Marks & Spencer’s #TheEverywearChallenge was a great way to put my thinking to the test. Take four key spring pieces and style them up… So we have the mules, the white shirt, the skinnies and the jacket. And here’s how I got on!


I was pretty excited about the mules. As, believe it or not, I’ve never worn a pair before. NB. They are really comfy and these ones don’t slip off your foot (as I’m assured many do!). So starting bottom up, I knew the next piece would be a pair of jeans (ahem, I may be wearing jeans in every outfit!) and I was pleasantly surprised to discover M&S jeans at £25 are just as good style, fit and look wise as many of my others. In fact, this black pair and the blue pair below have fast become my spring favourites! (May have subsequently chopped of the hems of these ones…). So with good pair of jeans sitting well on the hips, all you need is neutral top and because anything with a heel constitutes dressing up for me, I imagined this look as a bit of an evening one, so I finished off with a geometrically bowed clutch!

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This lightweight jacket immediately said weekend outing to me. One which might involve a walk by the canal and a trip to see the horses at our nearby stables, post a pub lunch. So stretchy jeans and comfy trainers were the obvious way to go. But a little contrast is always nice and I love the super pretty stitching on the white summery top. Full disclosure, I wore this the wrong way round and kept the pretty neck tie and embroidery as a nice back detail instead. And the little camera back is just perfect for… a little camera!

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Goodness, I don’t think I’ve worn a classic white shirt in donkeys years! Being such an iconic piece, I got a little stage fright. And then took a crazy risk. Don’t ask me why, I think it’s to do with having worn shirts like this as a teenager, when knotting them on the belly just seemed like the obvious thing to do. Realising I was showing inches of usually unseen skin got me a little nervy, but I tried to pull together a sharp day look adding in heels and a capacious tote. Love the ring detailing on the bag! These jeans are a current fave. For those asking from a recent Instagram picture, they are actually a size 6 which I think you’re more likely to find online than in store, if you’re little like me (just 5″2!) and need the mini versions.

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Despite all the new denim shapes we’ve been embracing these last few seasons, skinnies still remain a wardrobe staple and there are some days you want nothing more than their stretchy comfort. With the stripes, basket bag and cute pointy-toed flats this outfit came on a little beatnik and though I might give these hems a DIY trim, I was reminded that rolling up a cuff can look just as cute too! The high waist on this style is best shown off I think with a tucked in top if you’re short in the pin department like me. This way you can at at least give the illusion that your legs might be marginally longer than they really are!

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This post created in partnership with Marks & Spencer 

Photography by Life of Yablon & Jay McLaughlin on Olympus Pen F 

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  1. Hi I like your black jacket and black sling back shoes I would love to know where they are from
    Thank you

    1. These are both from Marks & Spencer 🙂 click below the outfit picture on Shop The Outfit ????????

    1. Am so sorry, it looks like it sold out online now! Might be worth ringing a local store and see if they have in stock? It was available earlier this year. I don’t know their restocking policy am afraid…

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