Basketful Of Sage

We made it! Physically and mentally. I don’t know why this holiday feels like the first real one since Gus started school. Maybe because it’s the first spring one, sunny and warm…[ezcol_1half]We’ve come out to the Algarve for a bit of grandparent time and amidst the warm sun and resplendent spring flowers it really is all kinds of bliss. Gus is turning into such a gorgeous little boy and it’s joyous to see my parents enjoying his lovely, funny ways. Somehow I’m feeling this is the first time I’ve switched off properly in ages. Something to do with the gentle awakening of Spring in the Algarve –  the only time you see it in all its lush greenery; by mid-summer you’re looking at a much drier landscape. I’ve been going a bit mad photographing all the wildflowers – not least because I have a fab new lens, which I will tell you more about soon. Let’s just say it’s exquisite, if exquisitely expensive, but one maybe to trade in some old kit for. Sample photos soon…  [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]While the days are in the 20s, the evenings are still a bit chilly or if the wind picks up you’ll need some extra layers. So jeans and jumpers still have a place in April Algarve. I’m so in love with this cotton knit from Finery, not least because of its subtle flared split sleeves. I had a fantastic shop in Gap just before we left and this hat was a brilliant find – a short enough brim for my short hair. Plus I’m still loving the Gap denim, great cuts and sizes that go down small enough for me. Although I did chop the hems! Throw in a fresh pair of pale avarcassoftest cashmere and a bundle full of gorgeous smelling sage for… a stop-motion video I made for Instagram, keep an eye out for that! Going forward, a few more glorious days of hols… tune in to Stories to see! [/ezcol_1half_end]

Scarf* | Lois Avery

Jumper* | The Finery

Raffia fedora* | Gap

Jeans* | Gap

Sandals* | Palmaira Sandals

Photos by me on the Olympus Pen F and 17mm lens with makeshift tripod!

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  1. A) Your look is just perfect
    B) That temperature is exactly what I need to make my body react after such a tedious Winter
    C) That basket is (insert heart eyed emoji)
    D) If you are having great weather it’s because this year we aren’t visiting the Algarve. So, you are welcome!
    Have an amazing time!

    1. Hehe oh yes indeed! And so many lovely market & vintage Ines out there! 🙂 x

  2. I am really sad to find that Palmaira sandals do not fit/suit my foot shape at all. However, I am thrilled to have discovered canvas pumps by Natural World (available from various places online). They are eco-friendly and, thanks to some clever elastication of the tongue, the laces provided are entirely optional – a lovely, lightweight treat for summer feet.

    Happy Easter.

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