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I am so excited to bring you this Sunday Edit and tell you about a new (mini!) collaboration I am working on with London jewellery designer and maker Bianca Jones

You may have noticed on my Stories a beautiful compass medallion necklace I’ve been wearing – in fact, I popped it on Instagram here. What I didn’t mention is that this handmade compass piece – an embodiment of the ideal of following your dreams and symbolic of guidance and direction; and one of Bianca’s beautiful designs – is one we have customised with a tiny pearl that hangs over the medallion… 


Key to Bianca’s jewellery making and design is the idea that we wear pieces in a significantly meaningful way – as talismen offering strength or protection or love to the wearer; Bianca talks about jewellery replicating the forcefield of your loved ones surrounding you… a sentiment I adore. And certainly this resonates with how I’ve always worn and connected with jewellery, bestowing upon certain pieces that feel right to me with certain meanings. Maybe my jewellery is to me the daily armour that make-up is to others! Certainly when I put on certain pieces I feel stronger and ready to face the world. Something to feel anchored by when the going is good, or to hang onto when the going gets tough… 😉 

This little pearl – pearls are sometimes described as ’teardrops from heaven’ and signify wisdom acquired through experience as well as purity, generosity & integrity  – and compass is our first collection piece called ‘Find Yourself’…  to be joined by ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘Love Yourself’ pieces, each with a corresponding stone. Also, I love how the little pearl is replicated by the clasp, so beautiful! I can’t wait to show you the collection in full, and do let me know what you think of this piece in the comments below, I would love to know! Stay tuned for more, coming soon…


Another London maker and dear friend is lovely archeaologist Charlotte Mecklenburgh (you may have seen her on Channel 4’s Britain At Low Tide last year; keep an eye out for the new series this autumn where Charlotte will be part of the presenting team!). She also has a new ceramics business House of Clay. A small collection of pieces, including these stonewear cups (made from Vulcan black fine clay) and lovely littlr porcelain soap dishes, small planters and carafes and cups. Charlotte works mainly in porcelain, and sometimes a white stoneware clay – and all her materials are fired to stoneware temperature (which is higher than earthenware) and allows for unglazed pieces as the high temperature vitrifies the clay and makes it water impermeable. Plus dishwasher and oven safe! The cups I bought are £15 and for other pieces you can contact Charlotte direct through her Instagram page @houseofclay 🙂

Cups | House of Clay


I’m also super excited to tell you about some more camera accessories I’m working on with Mimi Berry which will be available later this year. Moving on from the core strap and pouch collection in neutrals we have some very exciting colours and designs in the pipeline! So want to share more, but my lips are sealed. Will sneak some peeks soon I promise! In the meantime you can find the core collection of Gertrude straps and Amelia & Nellie pouches (named after female explorers!) in Mimi’s tech section here.

Camera strap | Mimi Berry 

Camera | Olympus Pen F


I’m getting a little bit more adventurous with my bikinis of late and fell completely in love with this (quite girly for me!) softly frilled gingham two-set by Spanish swimwear brand TCN Barcelona. Just so sweet and carefree! Pared-back but detail focussed pieces in luxury fabrics, this bandeau set (obsessed with bandeaus right now!) was the perfect find while on a bikini re-fresh hunt for the summer. A lot of swimwear is a little too twee for me, but plain black bikinis on repeat, although chic, can be a little boring. And while I tend to shy away from crazy bright prints – block colours or stripes are my comfort zone – this set just feels so right; and I love that its in a super light jersey type fabric. Absolutely can’t wait to wear this week – and yes, if all goes according to plan I will be flying out earlydoors from London tomorrow morning to somewhere beachy and lovely! You’ll see it all on Stories so hop on over…

ps. Succulents new in from Geo-Fleur!

Bikini* | TCN Barcelona


I’m sure now I’ve featured these rope sandals quite recently, so apologies! But they really are so pretty in pictures 😉 and the comfiest lightest things to wear on your feet when temps rise. I just love this pair and I found them on Etsy much cheaper than other places. I had to size up though, and I think you can quite confidently do that as I think a looser fit looks and feels much nicer. It looks like the Etsy shop seller who sells these (for £28.50) is currently on holiday so might be worth dropping them a line if you’re interested, or there are other sellers selling them too, linked below the product page.

I’m kicking myself because at the moment I don’t have a good book on the go. Probably unhealthily fixated with the news, obsessively jumping from one outlet to another on my phone. But 10 minutes (or more!) of a good book is wonderful for the soul and brain nurturing, so I’ve been thinking about re-reading old favourites, most of which I have a real print form! Like Paul Gallico’s Jennie – a fabulous story about a boy who turns into a cat and is looked after by the indomitable cat Jennie! – which I read as a teenager, so I guess what we would classify as young adult now based on the story and content. It moved me so much, I cried for days afterwards. But it’s writing which has that kind of connection which means something, and I would love to see how I would feel about it now, so many years later!

Rope sandals | Etsy

Book | Jennie


Last of all, key products which will be coming away with me this week. First of all, the brilliant travel minis from 100% organic Pai Skincare which are wonderfully dinky – the cleanser and calming moisturiser. Next, the best organic deodorant I’ve find and which I use everyday, the fantastic Schmidt’s and lastly, a new find, and one for the short-haired a parabens free hair cream which is perfect for styling, by Australian haircare brand Evo.

And just like bikinis, I’ve been tryout some new sunglasses shapes, mainly the cat’s eye which is having a bit of a moment right now! This sleek pair is from London’s Vow and comes in a £80, the Eve style. Miaow!

Travel minis* | Pai Skincare

Deodorant* |Schmidt’s

Hair cream | Evo

Sunglasses* | Vow London


All photography by myself on Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens

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  1. The pendant necklace is stunning – I love it when jewellery has meaning as it really does give a sense of uplift. Some of my favourite piece resonate spiritually with me, weather that is to empower me, calm me, or just remind me of a loved one.

    C x

    1. Ah that’s so lovely to hear! Yes, jewellery is all about how it feels to me too 🙂 xx