All About The Grid & The Feeling

How’s it all going? How are you feeling about your grid these days? By which I mean the all-encompassing Instagramaverse, whose capricious ways we are so often at the mercy of. Worth noting that the era of simply structured organic reach social platforms is probably on the way out…

But seriously that is not the kind of thing that should get us down. Those who enjoy making and creating should just keep on doing that regardless, we’re all (mostly!) in the same boat. And remember to tend the platforms you are in control of – your website, your blog, the work you do. All about balance and maximising the enjoyment factor I reckon! And round of applause to new hashtag #freeupmyinsta (my first pic for this here a glitched up Lensbaby shot) which reminds us to not all dance to the beat of the same drum. Try something different why not, whether you *think* people will like it or not. Work against the echo chamber and try and blow people’s minds a little 😉

Of course, beautiful pictures are beautiful pictures – something about the composition, the colours, a moment of calm, quirk, or happiness captured – but sometimes you need to try out a few things for yourself to get there. Not rigorously research ‘what works’… I know this is a tried and tested technique, and the world of Pinterest can be a wonderful place for inspiration but isn’t it just a little boring to do this all the time? Why not look to your world within and the world without for inspiration to make something that feels beautiful to you. Sure, know all the ‘rules’, know what works, then throw that to the wind and try something personal to you, something different…

I guess my approach to the visual is in many ways handicapped by the fact that I don’t have a typically visual background and associated references – I didn’t study art, graphic design, much less photography; I only truly picked up a camera six years ago.  I am minus an encyclopedic knowledge of famous photos and photographers, I rarely check in on Pinterest to see what’s trending. I just try to rely on what I know I like and pursue it in my own way. I try and photography the feeling…

Every now and then somebody will tell me how one of my photographs has evoked a certain feeling in them and this is what to me is the most important. When I frame and re-frame and shoot and shoot again, I’m trying to adequately capture not just what I’m seeing but what it is I’m feeling as I see it… A moment of calm in a landscape, magical beauty in a flower as the sun goes down, a sense of pleasing curation of objects working in harmony together, echoing and resonating through lines, numbers and negative space in between them. All this couldn’t be further away from taking photographs that must fulfil a certain sharpness – photograph the world, not pixels! Photograph the feeling. #photographthefeeling

Swimsuit (worn as top) | Aziina 

Jeans | Levi’s

Shoes | By Far (via The Basics Store)

Bag | Trouva 

Hat | Gap

Camera | Olympus Trip 

Photography by Jay McLaughlin on Olympus Pen F

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  1. could not agree more, better to seize the moment when you see it, rather than spend hours, days or weeks trying to find it.
    We went to Norway in March and spent 11 nights on the coastal ferry. The scenery in the fjords takes your breath away as it is both dramatic and spellbinding, I took a lot (over 1000) of photographs with my E-PL7, some were ok and nice to have, some were unbelievably stunning as the camera has seen more than I did and some of the results I achieved at night with the available camera settings were just incredible and so clear. Did I plan any of it no, other than buying the camera before we went and we were blessed by the fact that we had a cabin on the stern of the ship with a balcony that I could just step out to when I wanted to and that’s what I did. Something would catch my eye and I would take some pictures.

    1. Ah that’s all so wonderful to hear! Absolutely my dream to travel the Norwegian fjords by boat and have camera to hand – it must have been magical! Fantastic to hear that the E-PL7 went above and beyond – and brilliant tip re the cabin at the stern of the ship, one I will bear in mind, sounds the perfect vantage point! 🙂

  2. Ah, Julia, a wonderful post. And I agree (really strongly) about tending to our blogs. I feel like they’ve been neglected with the shininess of social media but now IG and others are turning against us we need to regain our control of what we can control. X

    1. Thanks Helen, that means a lot! Yes, I think tending our blogs is of such importance – feels like my lodestar in this crazy digital world! But so easy to get distracted by the socials but should return to the homestead more often every day 🙂 xx