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Bear Brooksbank Mimi Berry By Terry Nars Lethargy of heat and a weekend party in the countryside sees this Sunday Edit a little delayed, and still I think it may be one of my favourites yet! My birthday month always feels like such a happy time, summer has invariably kicked in by the beginning of July and lovely things seem to shine so much brighter in the sunlight…

A mix of the odd present, some current beauty of interest, prop buying and a dip into the world of analogue are what lies before you – so where shall we start? Perhaps with an eBay find…

Super 8 camera Stylonylon

I don’t know particularly why now I’ve decided to start investigating old film cameras – starting with a recent purchase of an Olympus Trip from eBay. I’ve never had much luck with film in the past, and a while ago firmly decided as I opened another decidedly disappointing set of film prints that Never. Again. The money spent on it all just annoys me so much when digital is so wonderfully cost-free. But part of me wants to master it, I think, and so this little film foray has bloomed.

The results are yet to come in, so this kind of feels a little like silly bravado but I hope to have some nice shots eventually to share! And then the Super 8… I mean the fact I got it to work felt like an achievement in itself – this one was £60 and detailed as working; lots are sold as not known if functioning, so definitely worth getting one that is listed as working. I just had to buy some batteries and (extremely pricey, ugh) film to get it up and running. And the truth is, I bought it with a very special project in mind which leads me onto…

Super 8 camera | eBay



Via Instagram and your mobile is truly the way to shop these days. Through a couple of clicks I found myself on London-based textiles Ren’s page and within seconds was purchasing these beautiful pieces – a palm leaf hat made in Morocco by female artisans and bamboo basket handwoven in South Vietnam, all between Hackney Downs and Bethnal Green on the overland train. Both are destined for a shoot I’m planning on an Algarve beach with Bianca Jones this August, when we will be creating imagery to showcase the beautiful pieces that will make up The Compass Collection. Let’s just say what started as an idea for a necklace in three stones has now evolved into a 15-piece collection which is just incredibly exciting. So I am location scouting from afar, sorting props and finding inspo for the best ways to shoot… Watch this space!

Hat | Ren London

Basket | Ren London


I am such a digital acolyte that the majority of my reading and book purchasing is done on my Kindle these days. And for that I do feel regret. We have at home a wonderful combined collection of books that map out our life journey from young teens to early thirties and I adore having them all stacked up on shelves, to look at, to dip into and to remind me of the many wonderful reads and moments which in many ways have shaped who I am. And now, the last 5 years of my life, at least, are invisible to the world, hidden away on my Kindle. What will happen?

Will we pass down our Kindles to future generations for them to peruse? The obvious difference being that tactile magic of a book is instantly loss and will this then lead to making reading a less magical experience? Very possibly. Am I a dedicated reader because I grew up reading turning real-life paper pages; going through the motions of checking the book’s backcover description before plunging in; implicitly understanding what I was taking on in terms of length by thickness and font size; losing my page only to rediscover it by eyeballing the state of my book from folded page corners to broken spines…

I mean the experience of reading books is a world unto itself. And so… from now on the books that matter, or the ones I think will matter I plan to buy in paper form. The Idiot by New Yorker staff writer Elif Batuman is one I’ve yet to read but was so sucked in by a wonderful quote a friend posted on Instagram – “… that felt so dense and alive and real that it seemed indisputable that that what life was…” I just had to go get. Let me know if you’ve read it!

Book | The Idiot


Now you may be completely oblivious to the true purpose of this rather glamorous bracelet (an eye-catching slightly Hermes-esque design by Tory Burch) as was I and as was the lovely friend who bought it as a present for me, but it is, in fact, a Fitbit accessory! Yep, you heard right. It seems many brands are now catering to the Fitbit market – in particular the Flex 2 which comes as a little lozenge – and creating bracelets and necklaces in which you can pop the little bit of tech. So the bottom of this receptacle flips open to reveal an empty space. Of course, you could put others things in there should wish – tiny treasures, Vitamin C pills, whatever you need… As I type as I have one Amazon page open to the Flex 2 wondering whether I really do need this bit of tracking tech in my life!

Bracelet | Tory Burch

Mimi Berry Sunglasses case by Stylonylon

The other accessory which has become a daily part of my life is the gorgeous new sunglasses case by Mimi Berry, which I have already posted about! It really is the most satisfyingly beautiful leather case with you just know will weather and soften so classicly and is just the kind of thing you want to have in your handbag/on your desk proudly protecting your sunglasses that would otherwise be left to scratch and toil for themselves. While all my cases tend to be hard or just a bit ugly, this one is soft, so squashable and truly a thing of beauty. Get yours here.

Sunglasses case | Mimi Berry

NARS makeup Bronzer Illuminator

I’m pretty unadventurous when it comes to makeup but I do like to find products that can slip into my routine nice and easy. Lately I have been considering the benefits of bronzer to keep the hue of tan apparent as we plunge into London summer. A quick brush of bronzer over makeup seems a really nice and easy approach and requires nothing complicated. I have an old brush that does the job just fine. The NARS palette has a lovely array of shades, with a couple of matt alongside the sparkly but tbh I just swirl over all of them and across my cheeks and nose in the lazy hope that’ll it have the right effect!

Now for something a little more makeup tech is the Illuminator cream which could be considered as part two of any bronzing application. This will only ever be a nighttime thing for me, but a little dot rubbed over cheeks does give a nice glow and glisten and definitely demonstrates a commitment to hot summer nights party fun. I’m exploring a little bit more the NARS range which is really targeted at infiltrating the lives of those who don’t wear that much makeup as each product can pretty much be used standalone, which suits me perfectly!

Bronzer | NARS

Illuminator | NARS

Victor & Rolf Liquid Diamonds Magic perfume by Stylonylon

There are certain things which when you start cranking up the luxe factor can come to feel quite special. The daily regularity of lip balm – of which I have multiple scattered around various handbags and drawers – can sometimes make them feel a bit forgettable but then a really lovely one comes along and you want to give it pride of place and its own permanent place on your dressing table. I’m a bit late to the game with this one, but really it is worth all the hype. By Terry’s Baume de Rose for lips & cuticles – its formulation a happy mishap when twice the amount of active ingredients (it’s a mix of rose waxes, oil, rose hips, seeds, and extracts) were put in, but was deemed so good they kept it like that! – really is the creamiest, softest lip balm I’ve ever tried. Not one to lose in a handbag. 😉

Guaranteed to take pride of place on your dressing table is your favourite perfume though. But again something that I’m not that adventurous with. I think in part this has been down to not knowing what I really like. Or perhaps denying what I really like. I still feel embarrassed by wearing the super sweet Lou Lou and heady Samsara as a teenager at school and feeling utterly mortified when a piano teaching tut tutted me for it. Also my mum is a big fan of fresh, citrus scents and while I have tried them, I’ve never felt a real connection. The truth is I still like sweet but have been too shy to say. The gorgeous bottled Liquid Diamonds from the Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection is musky and floral sweet with high notes – kind of winging it here, but sounds right I think! 😉 – and feels like the perfect summer fragrance. More expensive than most but my only other perfume on my dressing table is the same price and somehow they make me feel a bit more like a grown-up… !

The handcream is a new one to me. Certified organic, Grown Alchemist has a lovely philosophy behind its skincare as well as gorgeous looking and smelling products. The handcream is delicately scented and a little dab rubs in well with no greasiness. Available from Trouva via Triangle Store and Net-a-Porter.

Lipbalm | By Terry

Perfume | Viktor & Rolf

Handcream | Grown Alchemist


After quite a lot of jewellery soul searching earlier this year, I finally feel I’ve found some very longterm pieces to love and wear. Meeting Bear Brooksbank was a bit of a turning point, and so many times since we’ve had lovely connecting chats about jewellery and wearing pieces we love. The two pieces above are both by Bear – one is her signature bear necklace which represents the strength of modern day women and the second is a bespoke piece we worked on for my birthday this month. It’s super special and it turned out better than I could have imagined. A dedicated post on how we created it is coming soon…

Bear necklace | Bear Brooksbank

Bespoke coin necklace | Bear Brooksbank

All photography by myself on Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens

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