5 Easy Ways to Update Your Autumn Wardrobe

Stylonylon | Hades Unrequited Love | Darling & Gold As good as summer is, autumn brings with it a whole load of lovely things! That back to school feeling, getting ready for colder temps in a snuggly, hot chocolate, movie nights kinda way. I will always be a summer baby through and through but the seasonal shift feels refreshing and invigorating…

On the clothes front, while I have my denim staples that can be worn year round there are a few key updates that can really add to that fresh feeling. We’re not quite at winter yet, but the rainy grey cooler days are gathering and summer outfits are definitely in need of a tweak. Over the last few days I’ve pulled together a few pieces that feel just right…


Stylonylon | Hades Unrequited Love cashmere | Darling & Gold

The cosiness factor is high on my list of autumn favourites and I’m talking jumpers, knits, sweaters, whatever you like to call them. We’re not quite ready for the big, chunky ones (I’m shaking in anticipation for those, eek! In fact, if you need one pronto I would highly recommend this crazy soft and super cuddly Hush knit which saved my life on cold nights at Port Eliot festival mid-summer) so I’m looking at neat little black tops in, ok pure indulgence, don’t judge me, black cashmere.

So my first port of call was the well-priced new cashmere range at Gap (more styles in store I think!) and I have welcomed the simple easy fit cardigan back into my life with aplomb. How have I lived these past few years without one? Pure perfect like for end of summer days to slip over your regular t-shirt or vest… I’ve been wearing this one so non-stop I think I may need a second to get me through to winter. So this came in at just under £130 which as far as cashmere goes it pretty good. I know there are different grades but this feels fine enough to me.

I then went a little bit cra-cra after trying on the gorgeous Hades embroidered Unrequited Love – just too good for this super emotional, albeit, requited crab 😉 forever on an emotional ride of some sort! – at Darling & Gold (check my shop tour & interview of this brilliant Clapton boutique here). This is the more expensive kind of cashmere and of course it’s kinda a special looking piece too. So when not in my black cardy I will be in this black jumper. I also couldn’t resist the call of the grey and popped this grey loose knit H&M jumper in my basket too when buying a few other things… see below.


Knit | Hades via Darling & Gold 



I promise you I’m finding my new found love for florals as weird as you are, but they are def working for me and perhaps the much needed fun missing from my otherwise quite neutral wardrobe – see recent floral moments; Topshop twopiece – top & skirt – & ASOS dress, online here.

And now that we’re firmly back in the ‘nice top & jeans’ territory of noughties yore, a floral top is just the thing for September, with a cardy on top (as above!) to get you through any kind of event/outing/meeting when you need to look like you’ve made a bit of an effort, haha!

This one is from H&M (just £9.99!), but you’ll find others similar at Topshop (I have this one) and ASOS. And of course, there are the more-pricey-for-the-cool-factor ones from French girl brands RoujeSezane and Adenora’s collab here too.


Top | H&M

MILIARY COATStylonylon | Next coat

Arggh coats. Forever in search of the perfect one. I’m really having that I hate all my old autumn/winter coats moment, but I have no idea how or what to go forward with. I’ve yet to find the perfect classic camel, and no doubt will resort to easy-to-wear faux furs (or oh my days this on newly launched Studio B) when it gets cold.

But I was really pleasantly surprised about the fit and drop of this Next military style coat – great fit for me on the shoulders and length wise as a petite – and I think it looks pretty smart! I feel like there’s a world of winter coats just waiting to be explored but I’m not quite ready yet and this seems the perfect transitional option. It’s cotton so probably won’t do for December and January but is perfect for in a few weeks time!


Coat | Next


Stylonylon | Next block heel boots
2017. The year the block heel went mainstream. And so it should. It’s super comfy while giving you a bit of height. I’m not great on narrower heels – I’m going to brace some kitten sock boots for kicks, but not for my usual charging around days… 😉  Oh yes, and since red is having a mega moment, I did the counter thing and opted for blue. And immediately regretted it. But then they arrived and putting them on the shiny navy Feels. So. Right.

Despite red is the new black right now (I saw at least two Clapton gals wearing red shoes on the way to work this morning; they and the rest of the world no doubt got the memo) why not buck the trend and try a navy – I really am loving this pair. Taking block heels to an asymmetric & expensive extreme is Dorateymur, the Topshop version of practically sold out!


Boots | Next



So last year I wore the navy version of this fisherman’s cap from H&M. And this year they have updated it to black in a cotton and a wool. For just£12.99. Looks pretty similar to the more expensive popular Oz brand Lack of Colours I would say. 😉 Although they have some really nice styles too! I also have the Isabel Marant Etoile Evie cap in grey, and this comes in a slightly higher-fronted style for the new season. But at that price not one you want to leave on the tube!


Cap | H&M

Ps. Horn necklace by Tilly Sveaas, bear by Bear Brooksbank and compass from my soon to launch collab with Bianca Jones! Bracelet by Comfort Station.

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  1. The only thing I’m thinking about buying this Autumn is a navy peacoat. It looks like an easy task, isn’t it? Well, I can’t find a simple navy peacoat for the life of me! By the way, I love those boots!

  2. Love the grey jumper in the last pic. Where is it from please? I bought the cashmere scarf from Nihao Planet – have used it loads so earning its keep. Thanks for the heads up. Great blog.

  3. Love grey jumpers, especially for the fall season. Combined with red nailpolish. Killer combo 🙂
    I was wanting to ask you a camera question. I´m trying to decide between the new Olympus E-M10 Mark 3 and the Pen F. The Mark3 because it is the latest camera, but I like the touchscreen better on the F camera, because you can protect/close the touchscreen when youre not using it.
    But since the F camera came out early 2016, is it a bad idea to buy that camera now? Do you think Olympus soon will come out with a new camera in the Pen F line?
    And also. I have the 12mm lense and the 45mm. Bought the 12mm from a friend, and I use that lense on almost all my shots. But, is the 17mm a better lense to use?

    Thank you for taking the time,
    Have a great weekend!

    Kind regards,
    Nina from Norway 🙂

    1. Easy question first! 17mm is just a bit narrower than the 12, quality is the same, just depends how wide you like to shoot, 12 fab for getting everything in, pretty much one of the widest lenses. Ok cameras – i haven’t tried the new OMD but I know it’s marginally smaller than the F. The F is pretty much as good as it gets and does have a slightly better sensor, but isn’t weather sealed. I think the difference in the end is reflected in price. Given the choice I would go for the F, I adore it. But would be more than happy with the OMD too, they all take fab pictures with a good prime lens. Hope that helps! 🙂 x

      1. Thanks so much for answering!
        I think I’m going for the Pen F, with the 17mm lense. The 17mm lense is much cheaper with the camera, so I think I’m gonna regret not getting the package deal 🙂
        One last question. I’ve been listening to your podcast, and there is one subject I’m wondering about. You said you shoot in jpeg. while all photographers shoot in raw. When you shoot in jpeg, can you edit your photos in Lightroom? Maybe you have changed your settings since the podcast episode, so today, do you shoot in raw or jpeg? 🙂

        Have a nice day and thanks for all help! 🙂

        1. Yes for a super professional job I would shoot in raw – it’s really to ensure you don’t lose a photo or to really transform a photo! But for blog and Instagram I prefer the smaller file size of jpeg and yes you can still edit a jpeg in Lightroom – you can now edit RAW in the Lightroom app on your phone too tho! 🙂 All these photos on my blog are shot in jpg – edited in Lightroom and then Photoshop… hope that helps!