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Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty Recently I came back from a night away and noticed for the first time how dry and coarse my hair was looking. Easily missed for me as I do use product every days and sometime it can conceal the true state of my hair… 

[ezcol_1half]Minor poignant eye-roll-to-self as I realised I might need to actually investigate the ins and out of haircare – other than keeping it short, washing and blasting for a few minutes with a hairdryer – and try to improve matters somewhat. As serendipity would have it, and I thank the blog daily for the all the new things that I discover through it, I was reminded of Sachajuan. I remember scouring the internet a few years ago for their dry shampoo after reading a rave review and it just not being available to buy. But the packaging was as dreamily minimally luxe perfect then as it is now and I lodged it at the back of my mind for future reference. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]I will come back to this. The main point of today’s Sunday Edit is reflect on the welcome re-emergence of the beret and the return of the slouch bag. My Edinburgh granny long wore a fabulous camel beret which I used to borrow to wear to university. And you can find the exact same slightly stiffs ones online now. Bestowing that slightly cool Parisian feel; coffee, cigarette and croissant optional. I have a black version on order, but I’m also taking this as an opportunity to explore different styles and colours – this Italian cashmere patterned one is extremely pretty (berets are universally flattering to the face) and the cream is a great way to lift any outfit. [/ezcol_1half_end]

Beret* | Black 

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty
Beret Chic
Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty
Slouch Bag Lover


I’m also excitedly watching the return of the slouch bag – as spied on both Net-a-Porter and & Other Stories. My spiritual animal bag you could say. I can do structured mainly in the form of saddle bags and circles, but my deep love of buckets comes from the need for something that is softer, roomy, more malleable. The typical big slouch can be a bit too shapeless or large on me but I am immediately drawn to something that is in essence slouch but has some well thought out shape and design.

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

Which is why I pounced on this gorgeous little Taleguita from Bench Bags. Spanish made, in lots of different colours, easy to slip things in and out of and with that roomy aspect which always allows for unexpected additions, which more structured styles firmly disallow. I am that person who will always grab a scarf or hat, just in case, on the way out of the house, or pick up a bottle of water or snacks during the day and want to be able to easily stash away in my bag, no questions asked! 


Bag | Bench Bags

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London
Total Sachajuan Convert!

So now, back to the haircare. I have been washing and conditioning with natural Swedish brand Sachajuan as well as using the Over Night Hair Repair each night, and using some of the styling products including Ocean Mist seasalt spray and root boosting, grease busting Volume Powder during the day and end result, I am really pleased with how much better my hair is looking. The Overnight I am totally addicted to! It rubs in easily and doesn’t leave any residue on pillows and the next morning I’m finding that I’m not even washing because my hair is at that just-so-perfect stage between washes. I am a big fan and feeling kinda proud that I now have a haircare routine! 

Shampoo* | Sachajuan

Conditioner* | Sachajuan

Over Night Hair Repair* | Sachajuan 

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London
Using This Every Night – Amazing!
Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London
Super luxe, sustainable, high performing skincare


[ezcol_1half]And now for the skin. I’ve noticed as my tan has faded I have returned to my usual skin gripes. Mainly looking knackered all the time as my undereye area darkens and appears sunken. Yes, I know loads of makeup can fix, although god knows, I have yet to perfect the art. But I’m keen to see if I can improve matters with loads of good sleep, good nutrition and the right skincare. I’ve been loving some recent brands I’ve been testing out and thrilled to see so many good, thoughtfully made products on the market. And as you probably know for so much of my skincare I turn to A Beautiful World for reliable, highly vetted upmarket products that are natural and organic. Last week I had lunch with ABW founder Liz who excitedly told me about a new brand she is stocking called Yuli. US based with a focus on sustainably made high performance raw ingredients that deliver.  [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]When Liz told me the brand and products encapsulated everything she aims for with ABW brands, I was immediately interested. Yes, expensive,  for the highest quality, but Liz is blown away by the results. I took home the cleanser, anti-ageing serum, super healing elixir and top of the range ambrosia to try. It’s just been a few nights now, I know you need longer to get a real sense of how a product is working. But worth noting that today is only day I can think of in the past two months where I haven’t felt the need to slap on some makeup to feel ok. My skin just looks good! I will probably only add a bit of mascara today and that feels truly like progress. I’ve been using tiny amounts of the ambrosia on the corners of my eyes and that shadowy look does seem reduced. I’m going to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks, but so far I am massively impressed.  [/ezcol_1half_end]

Facial serum* | Yuli at A Beautiful World

Facial elixir* | Yuli at A Beautiful World 

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London

So, moving on to the sweet little soap dish (by my friend Charlie’s House of Clay Ceramics) where you can see inside some of Lucy’s new jewellery, the more delicate, smaller pieces which are fantastic for mixing in and layering on to what you would normally wear. And the sweet little pebble hoops from Karin Andreasson which I think I may have featured before, I just love their perfectly imperfect shape. 

Coin necklace* | Lucy Williams x Missoma

Coin lariat* | Lucy Willams x Missoma

Earrings* | Karin Andreasson

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London
Candle to calm

Spending time focussing on keeping calm and anxiety levels down, I’m welcoming in gorgeous scents and this Evermore London Night Rose, Geranium & Sage mix with double wick is just so headily intoxicating I keep it on my desk near me while working and whip of the cap for a calming smell. And that’s before I’ve even lit it for an end of day yoga session. Super sweet and extra special with my name on the front – see their Custom Candles here – I really can’t think of a better present for friends and family. Or, as I always qualify, to self!

Candle* | Evermore London 

Sachajuan | Yuli | A Beautiful World | & Other Stories | Cult Beauty | Evermore London
Never Change Your Spots

And finally, I fell pretty hard for this voluminous soft wool-blend leopard coat and have found it to be the coat I keep reaching first for most days during this transitional spell. I like the cocoon shape, I am folding down the colour as I prefer it that way, but the bigger shape is flattering on the denim legs that poke out beneath! 

Coat | & Other Stories

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