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Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Mimi Berry | Levis | Lucy Williams | Missoma | Pepe Jeans | RoujeWhat is it about some parts of this world that feel extra romantic? To do with history, happenings, residents that bestow upon a certain area an air of interest and cool…

[ezcol_1half]I’ve always felt that way about Bloomsbury, with its venerable literary legacy of the ever intriguing bohemian Bloomsbury Set encompassing some of Britain’s most exciting, revered writers, artists & intellectuals. Visiting places like this, that ebb with times gone by never fails to leave me feeling deepened somehow – resonating with and trying to connect & harness the forward-thinking, the experimental, the different. I know technology is so often seen as a real pariah to the way we live; turning us into phone zombies, disconnecting us from IRL, but I still can’t help but feel emboldened, invigorated and enlivened by the possibilities digital affords us. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]I do feel we need to remind ourselves to remain firmly in control and be strict with not being zoned in (or out!) too much of the time. But I have to say – for adults at least (and for the kids, the responsibly lies with us grown ups to reach best practice) don’t relinquish your autonomy and free will; ensure that you are the boss of your digital devices & apps and prioritise the physical space to ensure you keep up with your exercise, breathing the fresh air, staring at the sunset, allowing yourself to get bored. I often enforce this on tube and bus journeys to ensure my brain still has the time to wander freely and get bored, absolutely essential to any kind of creativity I reckon!  [/ezcol_1half_end]

Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Mimi Berry | Levis | Lucy Williams | Missoma | Pepe Jeans



Hallo Polly Pouch!
So in love with the gorgeous little Polly Pouch, designed in collaboration with Mimi Berry for our camera accessories range! Super soft, with a Sam Brown fitting and leather divider inside so you can separate memory cards from you bankcard! Ps Vintage rings by Bear Brooksbank & Anina Vogel.


And To Match…!

The new animal print strap – one of the three new colours that we launched yesterday for #mimiXstylonylon. All straps now in a softer, more malleable leather. And ‘LOVE’ gloves by Quinton Chadwick…! See yesterday’s post for more pictures of the pieces…


Sneak Peek Compass

And here’s a closer look at the Compass ring which is part of the #biancaXstylonylon jewellery collaboration. All handmade, from recycled grain – launching in a couple of weeks, stay tuned!



What I’m Wearing

Coat | Pepe Jeans

Jumper | Old Gant

Jeans | Levis skinny 501s

Boots | Rouje

Bag | Nico Giani

Pouch | Mimi Berry x Stylonylon

Camera strap | Mimi Berry x Stylonylon 

Necklaces | Bianca x Stylonylon Compass & Lucy Williams x Missoma

Gloves | Quinton Chadwick

Beret | & Other Stories 

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