Quitting The Coffee

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The truth is I quit without telling anyone! Initially, I mean. Three weeks before New Year, just so I could be sure. I didn’t  even tell my husband. Well, maybe I did on Day Two of the headaches from hell that required a serious painkiller cocktail and him to get them for me as I moaned in pain… 😉

Quite rightly he berated me for not consulting him on such a decision. Although neither of us could have predicted the three day migraine and added neck & spine pain (I mean that’s just not normal – is it?!). Even during the withdrawal I was uncertain, drawn to the coffee machine in a weakened bid to remove myself from the pit of withdrawal agony. It was never this bad first time round in my 20s, I mean seriously! (I should add that I was caffeine free for 15 odd years through my 20s and 30s, retaking it up after our house move two year ago; yes, house moves can do that to you!).

Nonetheless I pathetically stoically stuck it out, basically cancelling life until it was over. And then it was. Over. There was, and is, no going back now.

And still I regret it.


Visually (and tastewise) it turns out, decaf with oatmilk suffice beautifully – and for the pics I mean, ha! – and yet part of me fears the echoing accusations of misrepresentation; fake news baby, it’s all around us! It’s the new normal, innit? So for the record, know that what you now see on my feed is caffeine free. But do you like it less now? Do I? Although oatmilk is fine taste wise and I really do not miss dairy, it’s still does taste different! Can an old dog happily learn new tricks?

Palette wise a good decaf (water processed to remove the caffeine; no nasty chemicals) albeit with traces of caffeine tastes pretty good. And for a few moments you don’t mind not getting the buzz. Until you do mind. Because for me, mostly a one cup of coffee a day at 10.30 to boot me up, created structure to 1. Weekdays working and 2. Weekends not working. See?

And now…?

As it is now, Monday mornings often find me wandering the kitchen aimlessly circa 9.30 grieving my coffee days, feeling the emptiness! I’ve had my lemon & hit water, followed by a cup of redbush to neck insane amounts of supplements with. But still too early for my apple slices with almond butter. So I’ll think about a decaf, then knit my brows querying the point of teeth staining for no trade off at all! Though the taste is almost worth it and in that first sniff of a sip you can pretend, if just for a moment…

Truth is I usually make a turmeric latte and gulp it down like thirst possesses me. It doesn’t, I just want that gentle buzz all inside me at once. And then as it’s only 9.35 and I don’t need an indulgent half hour to turn my brain on and tune in with caffeine, I sit down and get hella lot of work done. So there’s the pay off, for me at least. Nothing pleasurable to do with which to waste 25 minutes in the morning. Ah here it is, the real hook – quitting caffeine makes me get more work done. Kazam!

Other good things. Sleep is better. Periods less ratty. Skin less bumpy. Central nervous system overall much happier. And like I said I will never do those headaches again and I take a perverse pleasure in the certainty of that. Although bizarrely, without fail when out ordering a decaf I get the paranoia that I’ve been served real coffee and get all wired, anxious and buzzed. I mean, who needs caffeine when a good dose of paranoia can get you off? 😉

Have you quit, are you quitting, or a long-term abstainer? Let me know in the comments below!

Stylonylon | Veja | Weekday | Nico Giani

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Keeping cosy in the January cold… 

Stylonylon | Veja | Weekday | Nico Giani

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  1. Hi! Yes I know the feeling. I abstain from coffee once a year, when I observe the fasting month. It’s usually difficult the first few days but eventually I get used to it. I still have decaf when i break the fast after the sun sets because I truly enjoy the ritual of making and drinking coffee, especially after a meal.

    1. Ah interesting! I’m not sure I could go on and off it like that – bit all or nothing 😉 But yes I so get you about the ritual – what I was trying to get at clumsily in too many words lol!