Sunday Edit | Candy Stripes & Chunky Sandals

X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye CreamSo before we get onto the gorgeous X Nihilo bag, let’s talk jumpsuits! The brilliant thing about a jumpsuit is it’s an all-in-one approach to dressing. As is a dress granted, but as we’re currently topping out on peak dress…

From Dresses To Skirts To Jumpsuits!

And jumping onto the next passing ship ‘Skirts’ (“It’s all about the skirt,” said my lovely pal Hannah of En Brogue at last week’s press days) I’m looking to the horizon to jumpsuits and getting ahead of the game. Or sort of going back round the circle as it were, cos you know, fashun… 😉

Truth is, I’ve got a whole load of great dresses to show you this week – not gonna lie Amazon’s new Find Official has some great (and very affordable!) print dresses including their showcase show-stopping green Chinoise long sleeved high neck and this pretty kimono style (will be showing you both next week, they look lovely on!).

And segueing into skirts (worn with a t-shirt and trainers/chunky sandals, so cool!) – you know l love the Rouje ones, and I will have a lovely Leon & Harper one to show you soon. Btw complete tangent, what do you think of the new Adenorah’s new Musier Paris collection – I was so excited for it to come out but on perusal have decided the styles are maybe a little too sexy for me and made for girls much taller than me, so I refrained from ordering anything. You?

Jumpsuit | Mango (current, just £29.99!)

Sandals* | Hudson

Bag* (press discount) | X Nihilo

Eye cream* | Neal’s Yard

Sunglasses | Le Specs 

And, not pictured but discussed further down: 

Moth DIY Kit* | Total Wardrobe Care

Bespoke facial* | Cowshed Spa 

(NB: asterisked items sent for review | this post contains affiliate links)
X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye Cream
Jumping in with jumpsuits

Candy Stripes From Mango

But a skip and hop back to jumpsuits – I’m always surprised about how cute and flattering they are on. My first instinct is to avoid as they’re usually too long, unless you find a cropped style but I plunged ahead with this Mango one and am just going to have it taken up. I’ve rolled up temporarily for these pictures, but unless I secure the hems with stitches, as the legs are so wide they will just come undone. But I just couldn’t resist the stripes and buttons down the front! Hallo summer!

X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye Cream
Affordable cult bag to add to the list!

Hallo X Nihilo Mini Eight You Beautiful Thing

So next! Oh hallo beautiful tan bucket style bag. Down the Instagram wormhole I came across Australian brand X Nihilo and fell madly for the Mini Eight. At £290, pleasingly affordable too (*adds to Affordable Cult Bags list immediately). It’s the perfect not too big, not to small, has handles and a strap and wide opening for easy access bag for me. Never not impulsive, I moved fast. Arrival to the UK was speedy, but Customs held it up for a while until I got letter with the duty tax, which really was not that much – DM me if you want to know exactly how much! 😉 – so all in all a most excellent experience! And I am loving it, styled with white shirt & stripes here.

Neals Yard Frankincense Intense Eye Cream
Under eye care & the importance of toning

Some Skincare Tips From Cowshed

Last week I had a facial with the lovely Cowshed team at their Soho spa – a new bespoke treatment menu has been launched with a holistic and personalised approach. The holistic aspect with a focus on breathing, a soothing nod to the rest of the body – pressure on feet and legs beneath a towel – before a refreshing cleanse and face plumping massage incorporating neck and a bit of shoulder.

Expert confident technique from my therapist Johanna ensured that I nearly drifted off – however I did listen out for her analysis of my skin: dehydrated, some blackheads around the nose that need dealing with by extraction (ugh!) and open pores on my forehead that can be treated with a decent toner – how have I completely forgotten about toner?! *Immediately rushes home to find doesn’t have a decent one! Johanna recommended the Skinceuticals Equalising Toner explaining that it clears the skin of any cleansing residue that might be blocking any serums or creams that you put on next, and also that it will help reduce pore size.

She also reminded me to keep up with the eye cream, something I’m a bit lax with! So I have a fresh new pot of Neal’s Yard Frankincense Intense Eye Cream, formulated for older skin which is just perfect. I’ve been trying the rest of the Frankincense range and it is lovely and nourishing. I must admit though (and this is something that happened to me years ago when I tried my mum’s Frankincense products) that the night cream is quite heavy (and probably because I’m not using toner to clear away things clogging up my skin!) I did get a small spot after using it. But I’m going to try again once I get my hands on a good toner!

X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye Cream
Chunky sandals hallo!

And A Chunky Sandal From Hudson

And because, despite current appearances – what, rain all week?! – we are in Spring, I’m looking to sandals. I did buy the Saint Laurent dupes from Zara  (and wore them in Portugal – here are the real pair btw), but after being worn so beautifully last year by quite a few bloggers, I’m feeling definitely that they’re reaching saturation point. So I’m looking for something a bit fresher. And as I’m in a bit of a chunky shoe phase, I’m looking for sandals that are a bit more built up in one way or another.

The pair here are by Hudson – I wore a tan pair of their sandals last year, which I’m pulling out for this summer too! I really love this black grid pair as the leather is really nicely crafted and secured comfortably with a bit of room across the top of the foot (like a small child, I have quite a high bridge!). I like the considered stud detail, which is nice and restrained and there’s enough shoe that when out and about in London, on the tube and in busy places, you feel you have a little bit of protection.

Obvs there are loads of sandal styles at the moment – really liking the fun selection at Becksondorgaard, a little bit crazy in love with this pair and these ones by out-of-my-price-range-for-sandals-generally by Stella McCartney, and these ones by Joseph.

X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye Cream
And finally…

Cult Cat Eyes & Total Wardrobe Care

The white cateye Le Specs seem to be constantly selling out and are no longer on Net-a-Porter. But I have found a pair on Farfetch, definitely this summer’s cult classic!

And because I have had a minor reemergence of moths – I think the source is in my now-dusty shoes drawers under my bed – I’ve been tackling the situation with the multi-pronged natural anti-moth approach by Total Wardrobe Care. In their Moth DIY pack is the brilliant Moth Box (I’ve been successfully using these for years when things get bad!), moth decoy, chrysanthemum spray and essential oil and diffuser. I’ve only got one or two fluttering around at the moment and am hopeful that this combo will successfully get rid if them!


X Nihilo bag | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Nealss Yard Eye Cream

X Nihilo | Hudson sandals | Mango jumpsuit | Le Specs white | Neals Yard Eye Cream

The Photography

All photography my own, shot on Olympus Pen F with 25mm lens.

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