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Skitter-skattereing out of September into a bright-skied crisp October means it’s time to find our winter rhythm with all the snuggles, candlelit moments and notching up the self-care… 

Lighting early evening candles as the daylight faded is something I remember from my Copenhagen childhood and it’s something that brings a reliable amount of positive evening vibes, shedding a warm glow over supper preparations and a glass of wine. But first, skincare new in…

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Stylonylon | Khus Khus | Organic skincare | A Beautiful World

While a light summer tan seems to take the edge of pasty skin and (for me!) sunken dark bags thanks to very thin skin and blue veins around my eyes, come October, the tan fading, I plunge into a slight fug about it all. I just look tired and wan, all the time… Probably because I just am a bit more tired; summer sun fills me with energy while the colder seasons drain me!

However, I’m taking some skincare steps. Two kind of steps. The first which you see here (and in some forth-coming beauty posts) and the second which you will see soon.

Winter Skincare Step 1

So, Step 1 – upping the natural skincare designed for ageing skin to keep it as springy and youthful as possible. And Step 2 (coming soon!) seeking out lighter BB style creams and tinted moisturisers and eye creams to create a passable face for when I don’t want to wear more. And tbh, I never want to wear more – exactly why I love summer, as the extra colour means I don’t have too!

My absolute go-to for interesting new & natural products as you probably well know, is A Beautiful World – founder Liz McCarthy is always sourcing luxe new eco-brands that you can’t find anywhere else. And she has an absolute brilliant new squad in for winter skincare.

Just landed on ABW is US brand Khus Khus –organic and sustainably harvested products based on Ayurvedic medicine, herbalism and aromatherapy.

So I do love a mist these days – never thought I would! – and have found a can’t-do-without place for them in my routine, between eyecream and serum or moisturising, just love the freshness of it. The Khus Khus Hydrolat Detox is calming to sensitive skin as well as wrinkle-treating, smoothing fine lines and plumping cells, gimme gimme!

The Detox Face Serum uses Tamanu Oil to help form new tissue and is anti-inflammatory so good with any skin conditions – acne, eczema or thread veins. And I do have tiny thread veins on my cheeks, so keen to see if they will reduce with this.

With body serums, especially more expensive ones, I feel loathe to spread them over my entire body, saving for problem areas – I’m using the Worship Body Serum on my already (what!) lizard-skin calves and reminded myself if I could do this everyday I might fare the winter that much better! Also something I do after brushing my teeth is apply a good slather of lip balm, and often find myself hunting around for one when I’m in my pyjamas! This supersize pot of Khus Khus lipbalm – peppermint, rosehip and beewax among other ingredients – will not be easily missed and perfect for the bedside table!

*Khus Khus Hydrolat Detox | *Khus Khus etox Face Serum | *Khus Khus Detox Face Serum | Khus Khus lipbalm

Stylonylon | Khus Khus | Organic skincare | A Beautiful World
Lipbalm for the bedside table!
Stylonylon | S5 | Organic skincare | A Beautiful World
Launching next week on ABW!

And launching next week on ABW is S5 – an organic Hertfordshire brand just relaunched this October, which has created five serums (handmade in batches) to target different skin issues. I jumped on the Renew Serum which is a collagen-boosting, fine-line tackling mixture with the most divine smell and texture. I just want to re-apply every time I think about it! Pop back over to A Beautiful World next week to see more!

Stylonylon | Ancienne Ambiance candle
Light every night at 6pm all through the winter!

Ancienne Ambiance is a London based family-run niche luxury brand – created to complement South Kensington’s antiquities and ancient art gallery Artemission – taking antiquity as its inspiration. Luxurious scents across its range of perfumes, candles, soaps, the products are parabens free with no testing on animals & recyclable packaging.

I’ve had a few Ancienne candles over the years and enjoyed them all, but there seems to be something extra special about the new Bacca Berry (limited edition in black, perfect for birthdays or dare-I-mention-the-C-word gifts, I’m going to stock up on a couple for just this!) – its fruity velvetiness calming you and on a deeper level and signalling the beginning of a cosy evening at home. I’m burning this every night for a couple of hours from six, positioned pride of place on the dining room table until supper is over and I’ve moved on to a cup of tea and catching up with The Week (or Instagram Stories, lol!).

*Bacca Berry Candle

Stylonylon | Alkymi earrings
The prettiest pearls…

I’ve re-embraced the bigger earring of late – my hair’s a bit longer and I don’t look quite so much like a pirate, arrghh! – and was absolutely bowled over but the delicate beauty of these handmade pearl-drops. Alkymi is a London-based jewellery designer working with twisting precious metals into something unique (each piece is slightly different) and so infinitely more personal to the wearer and not crazy expensive – prices ranging from £45 for simple earrings to £160 for the more extravagant pieces.

14k goldfill is bonded to a base metal and the freshwater pearls are just so exquisite. Although I’ve been wearing these – sometimes two in one ear, sometimes just one on its own for asymmetricity – throughout September, I feel they will really come into their own when the rest of me is swathed in heavy jumpers (see below) and big scarves! Truly a thing of beauty.

*Alkymi earrings (NB. I asked for this double hoop set to be adapted to just one loop, so do ask too!)

Stylonylon | Gestuz jumper
A snowy knit…

As Scandi brands continue to take over the style world with their never-ended coolness and good-quality forward thinking but still classic designs, I’ve been keeping an eye out for Gestuz. And a surprise place to find the odd Gestuz piece is Amazon – who seem to have all sorts of brands you might not have realised. Once just a place for buy emergency printer re-fills and Kindle books, Amazon is growing in the fashion marketplace.

This jumper is a recent find and just the ticket for autumn – something out snowy coloured knits that feel so bright and uplifting; plus they sing out well from a big coat or jacket, holding there own. Anyway take a peek, the pricing on this particular is a bit changeable…

*Gestuz jumper 

Stylonylon | Superga x Alexa Chung
Classic kicks with a nice touch!

You may have already seen some of the new Superga x Alexa Chung on my feed and here (the big chunky ones!) but the absolute mainstay of this collaboration IMHO are the canvas plimsols with the brilliant rubberised toe, metal eyelets (my favourite touch!) and the seriffed Alexa ‘A’ – these are the pair you’ll turn too when you want a simple pair of white plimsolls and surprisingly, we still seem to be in ankle weather!

And I just know I’ll be pulling these out next spring – I’d just say get them while you can, as they sold out from the first collection super quick and weren’t restocked!

*Superga x Alexa Chung 

Stylonylon | Net-a-Porter | Trademark bucket bag
Mock croc bucket baby…

And because I am alarmingly addicted to bucket bags in brown, I’ve added to the collection with this minimal beauty in mock croc by new brand Trademark – the step-daughters of Tory Burch btw. Just could not resist the FWFASHIONFIX15 Net-a-Porter code which is site wide (just a few brand exclusions) and valid til 15 October, you’re welcome! 😉

Trademark bag

Stylonylon | Net-a-Porter | Trademark bucket bag

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