A Story of Short Hair

Short hair don’t care! Except I do care – I’m not sure about you, but how I feel about my hair can be so key to how I’m feeling…


About myself, about the world, my outlook on life. Kind of silly maybe, but it’s akin to feeling healthy and well-exercised and directly effects my mood. You?

I loved a recent clip of Charlize Theron commenting on how she’s never had ‘great hair’, just a matter of disappointing fact. Although, she looks incredible whatever her hair style, for sure.

But I feel the same, ‘great hair’ has never been within my grasp. And my hair journey has been a reaction to not having a head of hair that just looks great and has something going on!

To Begin With…

I know hair is a common struggle for many and I so relate. As a young teenager, I knew my quite straight and flat-to-my-usually-narrow-head hair needed some drastic action! And lucky for me the early nineties were the age of the perm! So I permed. And often! And pinned back my fringe in a kind of elevated quiff – yes, mega lolz. And that got me through for a few years…

But it never felt entirely right. Or really me. Of course, as a teenager, you are on the constant hunt for you! So, apropos of nothing – no particular picture or cut inspo – I went for the chop at an Edinburgh hair salon on Lothian Road aged 15.


I can’t remember quite how short I went now, but it was wonderful and liberating! And so the cycle repeated itself over the years. I’d love the cut, let it settle in, decide to let it grow for a while, experiment with a slightly longer length and then wear headscarves to reflect my more boho side.

Until it would start to annoy me and short I’d go again! Throughout my twenties, I really did go for some pretty short pixies and I loved it. I used to colour too, which tbh, was pretty high maintenance, but I often booked in on sessions when they were training colour so I got it for free! But still, time expensive!

Long & in a top knot!

So much so, that when I got pregnant, I thought I’d skip the colour and just let my hair grow and try it long for a while. Except I suddenly had all this long hair which I just couldn’t be bothered to wash or style so I constantly wore it in a messy bun. Which was kind of my look for a while.

In fact it was my look as my blog started, which was weird for me, as it felt so not me! Occasionally I’d tong and love the result but feel nothing like myself. Until finally I decided to go short again and it was such a relief! Like I was returning to my real self and assimilating this motherhood thing all at the same time.

Bizarrely a two-year-old Gus cried when I went cut short again, although I really can’t understand why – it seemed so strange to me that the ‘real me’ wasn’t the one his knew visually. But it was only for a day, thank goodness!

Short again, phew!

And then I got some colour again and thus the short hair cycle has begun to repeat itself – cut, colour, grow a little longer, experiment with the extra length for a while until the welcome relief of going properly short again and getting back to me.

Thus I saw in  2019 with quite a short cut (Sandra at the Lower Clapton Blue Tit salon btw) with plans to go even shorter on top come the Spring.

The weird thing about cutting your hair though is you need to adapt the style groove you’ve been in. So clothes wise I’ve been floundering a little – what felt right last year, doesn’t now. So I feel like I’ve got to re-find and re-adjust how I’m dressing, if only to balance things out shape wise! Weird maybe, but true.

Style Flux…!

Instagram loves a new do, and it’s always fab to hear others are inspired to do the same and go short! But maybe it’s January and there’s a sense of still hatching out of your shell, but I feel it’s taken me a couple of weeks to adjust and I’ve been feeling a little uncertain style wise.

So at the moment, I’m finding outfit photos a little hit and miss. I think I’ve been used to them presenting in a certain way – I cannot recommend longer hair enough for providing a focus to a picture and a barrier to you face in photos, ha! With short hair you are very exposed, there’s nowhere to hide… eek!

Predictably, in a style dilemma I smashed out of my comfort zone with some mad print clashing which felt just a little too much for me. And then I mixed in some new high-waisted skinnies which look exactly as I want them to, and yet still not quite there.

So I guess for the moment I’m feeling in flux stylewise and waiting for that to settle and solidify into something useful and aesthetically satisfying visually! But within myself, I’ve never been happier with my hair. Embracing the change and waiting for the nature of the new to reveal itself!

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  1. I’m 52 and had short hair, just like yours, for many years, and I loved it. But then I had a ‘now or never’ moment and decided to grow it 5 years ago, with lots of blond highlights along the way! But just recently I’ve realized that long hair really isn’t doing anything for me so last week I had 6 inches cut off and it’s now a long bob! I love it but in the summer I shall take it shorter! I think your hairstyle really suits you and certainly goes with your wardrobe. I enjoy your posts by the way and like the way you dress!

  2. I totally get this! I’ve never had great hair either. I’ve had a really good hair day now and then, but not weeks of it, for sure. I love your hair in the pics and you look so confident with it! I had my hair cut really short and really really short. I have a long neck and it made me look awkward, I think. Now it’s shoulder length and I think I need to go chin-length instead. Maybe this Summer because I’m freezing right now. Thanks so much for the great inspiration and your photos are beautiful!


  3. I think your hair looks stunning! I have tried really short hair a few times before, but my hair is too fine and blond for such a short cut. I end up looking like a young baby that only has a little fluff on their head. I do like my hair relatively short (bob length) because it requires now effort on my part too make it look presentable.
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