Evergreen Pieces You Can Buy Secondhand Too

Stylonylon M&S Trench I’ve noticed this autumn as I reorientate my wardrobe (in my head, I mean!) to see what pieces I’ll be wearing as it gets colder, quite a few pieces I’ve bought over the last few years are popping out as completely relevant to now…

Proving what good buys they were and giving them longevity top marks! And due to their evergreen status, you can find them second hand too – #SecondhandSeptember has been a great kickstarter to remind us that buying & selling old clothes should be part & parcel of how we cut back on new pieces only.Stylonylon Grenson Nanette

If you’re after specific secondhand pieces, over on Vestiaire Collective you can set up an alert for specific pieces (down to a text message as soon as it becomes available!) so if what you’re looking for isn’t there, you’ll know when it is… eg for any designer bag purchase, I will always head there first.

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M&S Trenchcoat

M&S Trenchcoat

Marks is reliably does a brilliant classic beige trench, – this one is £49.50, comes in beige and black and also in Petite. And while you might not find this specific M&S one on Vestiaire (the Alexa Chung collab PVC one yes!) just type in trench coat to bring up a plethora of secondhand styles, you generally can’t go wrong with this piece, just make sure it’s fits well on the shouders!

Rouje Boyfriend Blazer

The Rouje boyfriend blazer was such a hit it keeps coming back & selling out fast! Some of the sizes have already gone on the Rouje site since I looked a few days ago. I bought mine a size up and actually this has proved brilliant as I can fit a big jumper easily under it! There’s quite a busy trade in this blazer over on Vestiaire so set up an alert to buy secondhand.

Sezane Claude Bag

I remember pouncing on this super classic Claude messenger bag as soon as it landed when Sezane first launched in the UK, buying it in tan and then a few months later in black. It’s proved such a longlifer, that it comes back each season in a new colour. This year’s is shade is a ruddy brown and just as perfect for autumn as the tan. There aren’t any currently on Vestiaire but they’ve come up in the past, so def set up an alert for ‘Sezane bag’!

Grenson Nanette boots

Grenson Nanette Boots

The new colours in the Grenson Nanette have just landed and they are sumptuous! But last year’s black and maple are fully restocked too – and I must add that the maple ones I have (which are brilliant, apart from when it’s raining sob!) are the divinely comfortable. The new colour on the block bound to turn heads on Instagram, is the white textured soft leather Nanette ski boot, yum!

They are such keepers though, I’m not seeing them being sold on Vestiaire atm, but other Grenson styles are, so definitely worth creating an alert!

Danse Lente handbag

Danse Lente Handbag

I completely fell head over heels when this fresh new design from Danse Lente landed. I bought one of the early colourways, which luckily, with it brown hues, will always work perfectly for autumn. Of course there are some very new exciting colourways, like the one above, but these are always on Vestiaire – here’s my brown one, but there are quite a few different colours too, so take your pick!

Marni Fussbett Sandals

Chunky black sandals are probably never going to go out of fashion – and the Marni Fussbett is a hellevu classic. I bought my a while ago, and yes they do need a little wearing in, but I just know I’ll have these in my wardrobe when I’m 60! Another one of the styles that comes out in new colourways – fur & studs too – so really any colour you go for will be fine! I loved the plain black most… and there’s a pair on Vestiaire right now, where there’s a roaring trade in this style.

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