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Samsoe Samsoe Seven Piece Edit by Stylonylon

As you all liked my new Samsoe & Samsoe boots over on Insta so much – and trust me, I love them, (they are the first boots in this ankle boot style I’ve tried over the years that don’t over-lengthen the foot, aren’t pointy and are seriously comfy!)  I thought I would take a little look at the rest of the current Samsoe & Samsoe collection right now…

The quality is exceptional from my experience, the prices are not crazy and the designs are flattering, classic and elegant. Samsoe makes me feel like a grown up! So from the top…

Boots | Skirt | Jumpsuit | Scarf | Jumper | Blazer  | Top


1. The Boots

So the boots! I bought theses from the Beak Street store in Soho, displayed enticingly as they were front & centre of the shop, and very easy to see through the shop window from the street. Gah! Hook, line and sinker, of course I tried them on. But they were too perfect to leave behind – from experience, I wasn’t prepared to let these ones go! Anyway, here they are online, direct from the Samsoe site.

2. The Skirt

I absolutely loved the crinkled cheesecloth of this skirt and the check is perfect, not too in your face. I’m thinking this could look great with a jumper tucked in and … the boots, or any chunky boot!

3. The Jumpsuit

I always am surprised at how nice a jumpsuit looks when you actually put it on! I would love to try this one, I think it could be a very nice weekday piece – with a few buttons undone at the top, trainers and a big coat this would look great! Not sure how long the leg would come up, but I think would be fine to roll up the hems.

4. The Scarf

Absolutely love the muted Inca gold of this mohair scarf – this shade would work with most coats I think – browns and black would be fab with it!

5. The Jumper

I love jumpers with a bit of white or cream in them for autumn, they always lift an otherwise dark outfit – at least, my autumn outfits tend to be quite dark! These seaside stripes would look fantastic with denim!

6. The Blazer

Wow this blazer, is all I can say! What a beautiful check and looks like it would happily work with a jumper beneath and be super cosy. The belt-tie is really cute too and would look great either hanging open or cosily tied up!

7. The Top

Well you can never go wrong with a solid, reliable blue stripe – this top would be so easy to throw on with jeans and boots and I think with the neat little v-neck would work great with a buttoned up cardy too!




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