This Outfit | Teddy Coat & Chunky Boots

Feeling wrapped up but still comfortable in winter clothes is vital, I hate anything too heavy or constricting in the name of warmth. I’m gonna hazard that one of the reason the teddy coat keeps making a comeback each winter is it’s overall lightness and ease of wear… 

*Second Female coat | *Levi’s Wedgie jeans | Topshop boots (in sale!)| Wandler bag | Ganni hat |*Le 100 Ciels top (in sale!) | Wald Berlin bead necklace | *Daisy Jewellery chain

This Second Female faux does not weigh you down, rather it gives you a comforting hug. I’d say that the boots are almost heavier! These are the Topshop Argan boots (currently in the sale btw!) which I am so glad I bought – and we haven’t even hit bad weather yet. But they’re a sturdy, east to slip on, high at the the ankle all-weather proof boot. They are a bit heavy and stiff – I made the mistake of wearing with no socks on a quick schoolrun one morning and came away with blisters. But that chunky sturdiness is just the safety protection I want when things get wet and windy.

As the weather’s still quite in between, I swapped in a jumper for a simple grey top (in sale btw!) last minute before leaving the house yesterday which was the right call – the tube is pretty stuffy at the mo! But also pulled on a hat, because a wisp of wind and the Italian in me starts panicking at the prospect of having a cold head and ears. I love the Ganni one (which I’ve been eyeing up for over a year) because it’s nice and sizeable which I need for my headshape to look ok, lol! Tight hats do not do it for me…

Doubling up some Wald Berlin beads (personalised via Studio B) with the new gold chain from the Daisy x Estee La Londe collection and the Wandler bag is surprisingly capacious – I have a camera, gloves and rather large charing block in here!


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