Indoor Dressing Levels 1-5

Stylonylon | Arket sandals | H&M blazer | Gap jeans
These lockdown days are focussing my mind on simple, wear and wear again outfits. And while we’ve been on lockdown summer has blossomed upon us and we’ve been able to peel off the layers, expose some skin and make the most of in-between shoes ie. sandals that can be worn indoors in a way that boots and trainers just don’t feel right when you’re a shoes off at the door type… 

So this really is a simple of the simplest looks but one and one that I would quite happily wear day in day out through the spring/summer. Take one part of comfy, high waisted mom jeans – overall I’m sizing up in jeans these days to give a bit more of a forgiving waist and these are the kind you can wear all day at home too (as opposed the tighter “I’m out & about” pairs I used to wear more of when on the hoof about town!). I’m wearing Gap high rise mom jeans and there’s a sale on mom jeans over at Topshop – these ones have a very similar look, still lots of washes and various sizes left.

Again a very old vest top (all mine are these H&M linen mix ones (£9.99) and they wear in really nicely). And easy to slide on sandals. These are the Arket pair (that look like the high-priced The Row Ginza pair) which are currently sold out, but am sure they will be re-stocking soon.

Now jeans and a top are all you really need for Level 1 of this look, Level 2 would be adding a bit of jewellery – love a chunky gold chain with a simple tee; this one is by New York jeweller Laura Lombardi – and given the simplicity of the outfit you could also jazz things up with some earrings. These are handmade by my lovely friend Sas, you can find her pieces over on @mojajewels.

For Level 3 and this still works for indoors only, add the sandals and voila! However, if you want to up the ante to Level 4 – and that could be because you actually are going somewhere i.e. the supermarket (yep, exciting time) then sling a lightweight blazer (the one I’m wearing is from H&M, £24.99) over your shoulders. Or would be perfect for a Zoom meeting or you know, just because you feel like it and want make a thing of your afternoon cuppa…

Obvs Level 5 would be adding a bag. My two favourites are my bigtime investment Bottega purchase last year on Farfetch and the super cute Elleme Vague bag (from which proceeds bought 10,000 masks for an Italian hospital and which I will always cherish…)

So there you have it, happy indoor dressing!

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