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In case like me stay-at-home is your jam (or maybe you’re a bit of a planner when it comes to presents, ahem, say no more…) you might like to take a peek at these stay-at-home cosies which bring all the hygge happy you could hope for…

Keeping cosy is key hence hot water bottles, slippers and blankets should be conveniently close at hand. This blanket I’ve been knitting now serves the dual purpose of keeping me warm while knitting it – which makes me very happy. For any Wool and the Gang projects including this Large Wrap Up blanket (from there new range this autumn) use Julia Rebaudo at checkout as your ‘ref’ for some money off.

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Stylonylon | Wool and The Gang | Toast |

While I am also knitting hot water bottle covers (I’m using this Lauren Aston knit pattern) this sheepskin one by Toast is a keeper – funny isn’t it how hot water bottle covers seem to just endure over the years, rarely getting replaced! So yes, absolutely an important buy and makes a very nice winter gift…

Stylonylon | Toast | The Small Home

As do a pair of The Small Home handmade moccasin slippers which as you know, I am a huge fan of, wearing for the third year running now! These run a little small, so do size up…

Lighting the hygglelig flame of a candle is integral to seeing the winter through and Muri Home do good quality well priced vegan soy candles that are currently proving at hit with the Etsy crowd! The Fig & Bergamot scent is perfect for cosy evenings –  Muri also do a range of fun dinosaur home decor which really tickled my fancy!

For winding down in the evening – a good night’s hopefully within reach – I’ve been using these aromatherapy drops, which come with a beautiful eye pillow set from Kiss The Moon  – the combination of drops and weighted pillow seem to clear my head of all thoughts  and send me straight off. I’m finding that if I’ve been waking up in the night I just pop it back on… and back to sleep I go, such bliss!

Stylonylon | Kiss The Moon Pillow drops

And finally, because winter equals unpredictable  skin for me, I’ve been delighted to discover the best-selling Creme de Corps (cocoa butter & beta-carotene based) by Kielhs not only moisturises but also completely calms my fickle skin, which one day can be doing just fine and the next all itchy and dry. I have a few soothing creams and I’m finding this one works the best…!

Stylonylon | Kielhs

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  1. Absolutely inspired! I can’t wait to learn to knit. Seven words I never thought I would say. But your knitting content is brilliant.