Friday Fashion Bites | Head Full of Flowers

The sun is out and shining once again and the outdoors is calling! Floral dresses and chunky sandals seem the obvious go to, as does decorating the inside of your house to match the new vibes… 

My obsession with the Dr Martens gladiator sandals has rolled over to this year – I just loooove them and they will go perfectly with any spring dress. Here I admit my weakness for a spring dress pick-me-up and there are so many about. I think it’s about knowing what suits you. For me a relaxed open neckline (like this one) suits me best – high up collars just make me look and feel too stuffy. I also would normally go for a midi length so it doesn’t overwhelm me but I am committed to taking up my dresses this year so they look better! See my latest Reels on Instagram for how I do a quick dress shortening.

Getting to know the local businesses and their owners up here is proving great fun and I ordered a beautiful bouquet (take a peek here) for Mother’s Day from floral artist Wild Gorse – looking forward to things opening up again so I can pay a visit and get involved in the Highland Flower School!

And of course, if you are bringing flowers in,  you will need something pretty to put them in. The pretty shell vases are everywhere right now and look fab, but maybe a bit on trend me for – I’ve been browsing some gorgeous ceramics and vintage vases (like this one)  over on The Worshipful,  a company of craftswomen founded to support women, promote sustainability and independent businesses – including sustainable jewellery designer All Its Forms who I adore – see her pieces in store here!  Beautifully curated and with some real treasures –  anxiously awaiting these awesome moon mugs to restock!

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