Friday Fashion Bites | Clogs, Birth Flowers & Knitted Stripes

Kitty Clogs, Gepard jumper, Francesca Dot birth flower As the incessant grey and rain of the last week finally lifts country wide and we all jump for joy in the wake of the super flower moon…

(Above clockwise: Kitty Clogs, Gepard knit pattern, Francesca Dot birth flower pendant)

I find myself obsessively checking on my sweetpeas (grown from seed, fingers crossed!) planting a clematis climber, tending young lettuces and agonising over whether I overpruned the buddleia! So much time outside has given rise to the need for useful gardening shoes – for now I’m fully invested in a pair of steel toe-capped Amblers (still havering on the Crocs!) but I’ve also been eyeing up a more traditional shoe – the clog! Which of course was worn to keep feet warm and dry on muddy farms. Perfect!

I have been returning again & again to this Kitty Clogs pair (pictured above) and am curious about the fit and comfort factor. I see striped hand knit socks and big jumper (next knit lined up is this Gepard one! Pictured above) with jeans Danish style for the perfect look I think – stay tuned! The other shoe I am investigating is the Blundestone boot as I’m after a lighter weight ankle boot for the summer (and after a torrent of DMs saying how brilliant they are!).

I’ve also been hankering over the Toast New Makers section with jewellery by Jodi Metcalfe which seems ever so beautifully hewn and talismanic (am all about pieces you can wear everyday; I haven’t taken off this simple Vrai necklace since first putting it on…).

And as my lovely affair with handmade ceramics continues I can’t take my eyes off this stunning Kelsey Rose jug… (pictured above).

More florals… and moonstones!

Summer is my birthday time (July baby) and while I’ve never loved my birth stone (ruby, I much prefer June’s moonstone – I’m currently wearing a little pendant by Harfi) I love the idea of a birth flower – Francesca Dot jewellery does these ever so sweet birth flower pendants; mine’s a larkspur (pictured above), you? And for more moonstone pieces, Francesca Dot has a whole moonstone collection launching next week, keep an eye out!

Orchard Moon
Orchard Moon Camille pyjamas

As we approach summer holidays, lie-ins and lazy breakfasts are calling, so are these beautiful Camille pyjamas – with a hand-painted print by just launched today Orchard Moon, a company making luxury sleepwear using eco-friendly manufacturing and responsibly-managed resources. Perfect PJs for a morning cuppa outside listening to the birdsong and watching the swallows soar and dive…

Happy bank holiday weekend & wishing you beautiful weather!

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