Phototalk With Stylonylon 11

This episode fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin and I discuss in-camera double exposures (and how to get a nice-looking results!), the importance of selecting a focal point, a few tips on shooting with analogue film (including keeping your film in the fridge!). We also talk printing out photos and why/when it’s good to di it and whether it’s important to take some downtime from photo-taking…

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  1. The comment about the Olympus Pen printing seemed strange. The Pen is a half frame camera so a 24 exposure film will give 48 photos and a 36 film will give 72 photos. Each photo will be a different photo, as in 72 photos from a 36 film. Why did you say that you get 2 prints of every photo, it must be a strange photo lab that will do that ? !!!