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Can you even imagine life with Instagram Stories? I can’t! I’m a huge fan and see the empty pages as a wonderful way to stream all sorts of moments and mini stories. The fluidity and spontaneity is an exciting way to create content… Although how I create content for Stories has changed and evolved over the last few months; now I see the empty pages as pages from a magazine, your own personalised one – where you can flit from silliness to sombreness and present your imagery in numerous formats.

This morning I did an Instagram Live to discuss some of the apps I am using to make content for my Stories (not massively time-consuming, although if I’m super busy I won’t bother with these all the time!) and I wanted to list them here so you can try them too! The only other thing I would recommend is buying a stylus to help with some of the finer work in apps like Plotagraph and Cinemagraph.

For Instagrammers using Stories in wonderfully creative ways, I would say go check out srhmikaela, parkandcube, qmike and jordanbunker.

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InShot is by far the app I use the most. For creating images & videos with borders & backgrounds of different colours, or to use the image/video itself as a background. You can easily resize the canvas (choose 9:16 to best fit Stories), resize and move the image/video and create layouts mixing both pictures and videos. I really like some of the Cinema filters and some of the effects too, like glitch, TV and jpeg. You can also add text and slow or speed up videos. Loads of potential.


This one has a variety of photo templates which can be good for a collage of pictures, but I really like the Scrapbook option where you can pull in several photos. You can use this to create that ‘throwing down a set of pictures’ effect – you just have to save each file individually and upload each to Stories.

Pic Stitch & Vidstitch

A bit more limited but both offer a variety of basic frames. I have them on hand just to try and create something different. Remember you can always changes the border thickness and roundness.


This I used on my grid for a New Year’s Day post. Just a bit of fun if you have a few photos you want to share! Although I’m looking for one that combines pictures and videos.

Theme Maker

This is useful if you have lots of Live Photos on your iPhone. Basically you can turn them into videos or Gifs to use on your Stories.


This is great for lengthening videos as Stories doesn’t automatically loop them like the grid does.


For the Christmas festive sparkle that invaded Instagram come November! Still fun though and do swipe for variations on the basic sparkle. And you can film too!


You need to find the good effects and use sparingly! I’d say birds, butterflies, sparkle, steam for cups and rain or snow. Some you’ll need to buy in app. Always worth having a play around with and you just might feel that today is the day you need a shark diving into your coffee cup. 😉

Enlight Photofox

You could probably take over the world from this app, if you knew how to use it! Insane capabilities for creating fantastical photos and collages. A lot of what you can do in Photoshop you can do here. You just need to learn how! Lots of tutorials but definitely one that needs some dedicated time. My efforts to date, quite poor, but I have enjoyed the light effects – my challenge for this year! Subscription app.


The crazy-expensive-but-easy-way to make cinemagraphs on your phone. Otherwise make them in Photoshop. 😉


A really easy way to add something extra to your photos – animating the sky or water being the easiest. But as you can animate any part of the photo (I recommend playing with the speed) you can go wild.


This is a fantastic collage app that has evolved itself into something more along the lines of Photofox. You can cut out easily, combine photos and backgrounds and basically let your imagination run wild…

Bokeh Cam FX

I just downloaded this but have yet to have a go with it! Used by Sienna.and.ifor her beautiful Instagram grid. I think subtlety is the key!

That’s about if for now! But I will keep you posted on any new ones I get into! Also I would love to hear what apps you’re using to create content for Instagram Stories – do share n the comments below!

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  1. Some great apps here! I don’t use many of them but may have a look at few now. I use word swag, canva and Spark Post/video most. Then Lumyer, VidLab, Kirakira and hypetype. I’ve just invested in cinemagraph too…

  2. That cursive squiggle above ‘that’s it for now’ – may I ask which font + app it’s from, please?
    Many thanks,

    Petra (self confessed font geek)

  3. This is the most helpful blog post I’ve read in a long time, thank you! I’m always wondering what people use and seem to be a decade late ylto the latest app craze lol so excited to try something new!

    1. Oh brilliant! Am so glad it’s of use 🙂 Oh goodness, there are always new ones coming out, hard to keep up!