Stylon Shortcuts: Classic Tan Just Can’t Go Wrong Satchel & Sandals

I know it’s all prints this and metallics that right now (and I’m the biggest sucker for beautiful bright prints, I’ll be the first to admit, although my gut reaction is I’m not entirely convinced by the spring metallics) but I’ll let you in on a little secret – my all-time long-running obsession is leather in shades of tan, beige, cafe latte, creme caramel, call it what you will. My distress when I discovered a little peachy Chloe shoulder bag I bought last summer also came in tan, was… well, it still hurts – big time. But moving on, my latest additions to what I hope will one day be a very grown-up collection of tan leather are a small classic tan satchel by Oxford Bag Company and a pair of duck toe natural sandals by Swedish Hasbeens. Geek/hipster/retro chic – they are all of the above, I agree, but in tan they hold the holy grail promise of being so-called forever pieces, and how can you not love the oh-so perfect stitching and stapling. I can’t wait to see these two in my closet years down the line, faded, worn and well-loved. And just look how wonderfully matchy matchy they are – a completely new accessories concept for me, at least. Still in the just gazing phase. But some styling photos to come, I’m thinking pastel pleats and black leather first off, then just blue jeans, sloppy white tee and too much jewellery and then a plain black summer dress with a fabulous print head or neck scarf, and then… ah, so many dreamy ways to while away another rainy day.