Organic Beauty: On The Stylon Shelf – Jason

Another natural brand I’m a big fan of is Jason. Established in 1959 and with a factory in California, although Jason doesn’t promote itself as organic, check the label on the products and you will find certified organic ingredients in the mix. What Jason does fully commit to is not using unnecessary chemicals, artificial colours or animal by-products (so, certified Vegetarian) and using bio-degradable and recycled or recyclable packaging. (Read more on this here.)

While I’ve often used the tingly Tea Tree body wash, I’ve haven’t tried the rest of the range. So today I bring you the Super Shine Apricot Shampoo and Anti-Ageing Tea Time cream for face and body.
Natural/organic brand shampoos can be tricky (especially when they don’t foam up – it just doesn’t feel right) and often they don’t seem to be able to cut through a build up of hair product. However the Apricot Shampoo foams up wonderfully and while it didn’t leave my hair super shiny, it did leave it perfectly fresh and clean. This is definitely one I would a happily use on a daily basis, though as per the instructions you get a better result with a double wash. 
When it comes to moisturisers, I’m pretty demanding. My skin is both dry and sensitive. The Anti-Ageing Tea Time cream is on the richer side and applies really well, but isn’t quite intensive and conditioning enough for me to use as a stand-alone facial moisturiser. This is one I’d keep on hand for a hydrating top-up during the day. Careful not to get it in your eyes though, it can sting.