Stylon Shortcuts: Pale Blues + 70s Twist

Michael Kors jeans, vintage Etsy cardigan, Mulberry handbag, vintage Hermes scarf, Swedish Hasbeens sandals

This ensemble was inspired by two ladies walking within spitting, or should I say, styling distance of each other by, of all places, Clapton Pond. For none east London readers, Clapton is one of the last remaining Hackney outposts to suffer trendification (apologies – terrible writing); it’s been taking its time but, boy, is the pace picking up, especially thanks to a new pub opening just by the Lea Bridge roundabout. Let the hipster oogling begin. Anyway, chic lady No.1 was wearing pale denim skinny jeans with a fabulous chunky cream cable-knit cardy and vintage Hermes scarf artfully wrapped around her neck, while chic lady No.2 was rocking pale denim flares, chunky wooden sandals and a pale coloured classic Bayswater. Of course, if I had had my camera and was a proper style blogger I would have asked to photograph them, but really I don’t know how people pluck up the courage to ask strangers to pose, so instead I smooshed the two together and voila. I would like to be wearing this whole outfit.