What Is She Wearing?! Ania Bieluszko

I had great fun shooting visual artist, photographer and filmmaker Ania Bieluszko last week. Originally from Poland, Ania now lives in Dalston. She wears a long-sleeved top from Eastbourne Lammas festival, t-shirt beneath from a charity shop in Surbiton, apron skirt made by a friend’s brother, jeans from Gap, socks from Uniqlo and boots from New Look. The necklace, made from an old silver spoon, was a present, from Camden market

If you’re looking for a photographer or filmmaker for an event, contact Ania here. She comes highly recommended! Photography: https://annabiel.wordpress.com Videos:https://anoushkavideos.tumblr.com Creative films & collaborations: https://anoushka-magdushka.tumblr.com