Topshop Autumn Shopping List

Topshop Petite Autumn Shopping List

I haven’t had a good splurge at Topshop for yonks. So with autumn and the urge for wrapping up nice and cosy well upon us, here is my wish shopping list plus a little edging out of my style comfort zone.

NB: For those for whom it matters, all the clothes are from the Topshop petite section.

 1. Navy Duffle Coat I’ve never been sure about duffle coats but there’s something quite wonderful about their never-changing style and full-on navy; navy is so sturdy, reassuring and yet, always cool.
 2. Cat Burglar Jumper Animal intarsia, cats, cats on the internet, cats on jumpers is probably what this decade and the last will often be remembered for.
 3. Splodge Tie Dye Leggings Ok, these leggings are so not out of my comfort zone, the shape and paint-splattered/tie-dye print feature so often on this blog so yes, I confess to a style rut.
 4. Croc Frame Crossbody Bag Super structured handbags, I love to ogle them but have never successfully worn one. But this is lovely and hardens up the duffle coat and bobble hat.
5. Fair Isle Bobble Hat Got to love a bobble hat (though maybe not on guys?). But girls yes, and a Fairisle knit to boot. Again the cuteness hardened up by the boots and bag.
6. Glitter Chelsea Boots Love the flat heel and simple shape of these boots and the glitter is so understated. But still I wonder would I ever bite the bullet and splash out on glitter boots. How much use would they get??