What I’m Wearing Preview: Floral Print Jeans


Jeans to combat wintry days with. Finally these Free People (soon to launch in the UK) floral sweeties arrived (trust me they’ve been on my mind for a while) and I’m pretty pleased for a number of reasons:

1. They fit. Quite a big deal when you’re buying your first pair of post-preggers jeans in your old size.
2. They are non-stretch, which adds to the joy of point 1. Also my first pair of non-stretch jeans in a long time. Non-stretch feels so much more authentic in a cowboy out on the range kinda way. If you know what I mean? Maybe not. That’s cool.
3. They’re cropped, which on me means they fit just right, no turning up or slicing off the ends completely cack-handedly. In fact, I own very few jeans that are just the right length.
4. They fit.

So, the plan is to style them up with a jacket, a blazer and a cardigan and see how they look. So keep your eyes peeped for the forth-coming What I’m Wearing post.