Christmas Stocking Fillers: Stationery Supplies

Pencil case & pencils / Erasers / Washi tape / Rubber stamp / Notebooks / Note card

Take two of my favourite things – Christmas stockings and stationery supplies – mix them together, and what do you get? A little slice of Christmassy heaven. Stationery fetishism is nothing new, especially in the blogosphere and among writer-y types, and notebooks (plain, floral, lined, blank) are an excellent gift for practically anyone; the promise of clever, sparkly worthwhile thoughts to be committed to paper is a delight lost on few. A stash of notecards & envelopes should always be kept in a top drawer, and then of course, let me present the super-cute wonder that is washi tape – smooth & matt and decorated in pretty prints. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. A stocking full of washi tape and sticky notes would be just fine, thankyou.

Christmas Stocking Fillers: Stationary Supplies
 Sticker labelsSticky notes / Post it notesPostage stamp stickers