Are You On ArtStack?

Deckchair II, 1965 - Gerhard Richter via ArtStack
Deckchair II, 1965 – Gerhard Richter via ArtStack

I’m the first to admit that my knowledge of art (contemporary art in particular) leaves a lot to be desired and it’s something I often wish I would rectify but never get round to doing. So I was pretty pleased to receive an invite from an artist friend to social platform ArtStack, a sort of Pinterest for the visual arts if you will. The site is amazingly slick and polished and full of delight upon visual delight. You can follow artists, curators and other members, known as ‘stackers’ – instead of pinning, you stack. This is great for artists as it means they can create their own online portfolio. Plus you can do all the usual social media  type things like create collections, explore your friends’ stacks, comment, use a toolbar widget to stack from elsewhere on t’internet and there’s also an iPhone app. Previously invite only, you can now request an invitation on the homepage. It’s gorgeous to the eye, a lovely online experience, so if you start stacking – above and below are my very first stacks – you can find me under Julia Rebaudo.

Update: ArtStack has kindly sent through an invitation link for Stylonylon readers. See you there!

Echos #2 2012, Yoshi Sodeoka via ArtStack
Echos #2 2012, Yoshi Sodeoka via ArtStack