An Edit of New Look’s Denim Jackets

Stylonylon - An Edit of Denim Jackets by New Look

I didn’t intend for the blog to be swamped by denim this week…

But some things you just have to roll with. It started with boyfriend jeans, then the wearability of dungarees and now we’ve arrived at (quite logically, don’t you think?) the denim jacket. I’m taking a look at New Look’s denim jackets – New Look is this year’s partner for the Company Style Blog Awards btw – for which I’ve been shortlisted, please do vote for me hereNew Look is a great buy – since trialling a selection of petite pieces I am a complete convert, especially to their lightweight skinny jeans which are so perfect for summer (recent outfit post here). For those of you unfamiliar, New Look is extremely reasonably priced and they manage to hit just the right note combining what’s in with high wearability – not so beyond trend it’s a once-only wear. And I’ve absolutely no issues with the quality. The jeans I’ve put through the wash quite a few times now and they’re coming up just fine.

So, the denim jackets. I must admit I haven’t worn one for a long time. It’s not that I don’t adore the look of denim jackets, it’s more that I’m not so sure what to wear them with. My first instinct is to team with a bright print – either maxi dress or skirt which immediately gives a lovely boho feel. Less obvious to me would be a smarter look with a pair of tailored trousers, perhaps slim chinos with a rolled-up cuff. Most intimidating would be to pair with jeans. I think the key to double denim is to make sure you’ve not only got two quite distinct shades of denim but two differing fabrics. So a light chambray shirt, for example, paired with a stiffer dark denim. I must admit, I’ve got a slight obsession going with pale denim at the moment (it’s a spring thing, for sure) and I love the so-faded-it’s-almost-white look of the one, top left, above – the rose-gold coloured buttons contrast wonderfully. A little detailing, like the Aztec print panelling, takes the look in a different direction; this style would look great with a white dress and for a much primmer look, there’s always pastels. (Not my style really, but still nice to look at.) My last pick is the petite, as the small among us know, fit is everything when it comes to jackets. All of the above are each under £30. No complaints there. Shop the New Look denim jacket range.