Baby Fashion – Is It A Thing?

I don’t usually post about baby clothes on here…

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get as excited buying clothes for the little one as much as I do me. The truth is once you have a baby, you see baby clothes in a way you never did before; and once engaged with they can easily eclipse one’s beloved grown-up fashion. Another truth is, like most parents I know, a good portion of the baby wardrobe is made up of hand-me-downs and eBay finds, leaving a little room to indulge and buy something new from a favourite brand every now and then. My favourite brands seem to be mainly Scandinavian and a whole load of them can be found on Nordic Kids, which is where this gorgeous Ej Sikker Lej body suit and MarMar Copenhagen grey leggings are from. One thing I can never get right with baby clothes is sizing. Every brand seems to do sizes differently, so having made the mistake of buying too small, I am now buying bigger, which sometimes results in very long-looking suits, but I guess he’ll be there before long. Anyway, this little fellow is mainly being dressed in leggings and bodysuits with chunky knitted jumpers and little moccasins. That’s about as baby fashion as things are getting around here.

Baby Fashion - Hand-knitted cardigan & Ej Sikke Lej bodysuit
Hand-knitted cardigan (mine when I was little!) & Ej Sikke Lej bodysuit