Spring Trend On My Mind – Ripped & Faded Boyfriend Jeans

Spring Trend On My Mind - Ripped & Faded Boyfriend Jeans

Despite being a die-hard skinny jean wearer, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about boyfriend jeans…

I’m guessing it’s a spring thing. Let’s face it, what elements of fashion are not seasonally inspired? A looser fit, beautifully faded denim and, of course, the perfect ripping. I can’t tell you exactly what makes the perfect ripping, but I know it when I see it. All of the above qualify as perfect examples. The ripping can’t look overdone or too contrived and has to fit in perfectly with the greater whole of the jean. Remember when we used to make our own rips? How rebellious and cool it felt. Now we rely on store-bought rips. I’m not sure why. In fact, I need to allocate a pair of jeans for spring ripping. You with me? There’s also something about the juxtaposition of rolled-up boyfriend cuffs with pointy stiletto heels that is style alchemy. Love love love! For more on boyfriend jeans, check out this Boyfriend vs Skinny style debate over at Matches Fashion (who, btw, are also running a £10,000 spending spree competition, which I have just entered, because, you know, you never know, and I spend many a night dreaming how I would spend £1000 on designer clothes, let alone £10,000).

1. Current Elliot @ Matches 2. J Brand @ Matches 3. Rag & Bone @ Net-a-Porter 4. H&M 5. Topshop Petite 6. Zara