Did I Mention Fashion App Pose?

Stylonylon - Fashion App Pose - www.dialaphone.co.uk

It’s funny how some apps integrate so seamlessly into your digital life…

Since joining fashion app Pose at the beginning of the year (I can’t even remember how I found out about it now!) it’s got to the point where posting my outfit snaps has become as natural as tweeting, facebooking and pinning. And that’s saying something when you consider the number of ‘post your style’ apps and websites out there. So why does Pose work so well for me? I think primarily, and this was what drew me in, is that it looks so good on screen (superficial, moi?). Although it works on your desktop, it’s an app that has been designed for smartphones and tablets and boy, is it consumable. The sliding stream of amazing-looking stylistas from all over (though mainly the US) is eye-candy of the highest order – maybe it’s because the quality of uploads seem so much better than other fashion apps. Brightly shot, in focus, perfectly styled looks, outfits and product shots in endless quantity make this a Pinterest-level experience.

I was lucky when I joined that the Pose team took a liking to me and featured some of my looks and my profile (follow me on Pose here!) which meant that I amassed a (now 5000-strong) following which, let’s face it, always helps encourage your engagement and interaction. The interface is brilliantly simple to use and I love how on my iPhone and iPad I can upload photographs extremely quickly, tag and hashtag my outfit (the product database is the best I’ve come across). There are UK users but not as many as I’d like – certainly the fashion bloggers I know and/or follow tend to use other apps – but I’m hoping more will get on board and enjoy the fun. A recent update included a ‘who wore it best’ Style Stand-Off – quite addictive once you get going.

Stylonylon - Fashion App Pose - www.dialaphone.co.uk

Pose works on both iPhones and Android – if you need to get your hands on a new phone check out www.dialaphone.co.uk where they can talk you through a range of contracts and pay-as-you-go phones with Vodaphone, Orange, O2 and T mobile. I’ve been on contract with Orange for absolutely ages with no complaints (apart from their high international roaming charges) and am currently using an iPhone 4s. Although I must admit, I’ve been eyeing up the new Blackberry Q10 quite a bit… I mourn BBM often and the camera (you know, the clever motion capture in the ads) looks fantastic!