A Festival Edit – Priory of Ten at Avenue 32

Stylonylon - Festival Edit - Avenue 32 - Priory of Ten

It’s impossible come the spring not to start thinking festivals…

Whether you’re going to one or not (for the record, so far, I’m not) you just know you’re going to be inundated with gorgeous photos of festival fabulous outfits. One of the reasons people get so annoyed with festival fashion is that it’s become a bit of a cliche, there’s a certain boho feathery style that people tend to go for, but, you know what, I like it. And with no apologies. Yes, there’s room for fresh ideas, and those who push the boundaries will always get noticed, but I actually love the comfy fit of slipping into a part-rock-n’-roll part-hippy look that you can relax in and be ready for fun. The outfit I’ve put together is pretty much my dream look for any non-rainy summer festival. The only pinch is these gorgeous pieces from Avenue 32 (launched 2011, UK-based and voted second best online fashion retailer by Vogue) are on the pricey side – but hey, where else are you gonna play out your sartorial fantasies if not on a fashion blog? The key pieces of strong but subtle clothing with gorgeous detailing above belong to Priory of Ten, a design collective launched last year by New York based designer Mei Liu (previously a design assistant at 3.1 Phillip Lim) and childhood friends David Lin and Eunice Quan. The aim was to create beautiful minimalist staples – the monochrome a given although there is a single wine-coloured knit which I’m also lusting over – and to all intensive purposes this has been artfully achieved. Beautifully done.

1. Priory of Ten vest jacket 2. Little Doe short feather headdress 3. Priory of Ten Kain leggings 4. Maria Black monocle ring 5. Ancient Greek pink Ismene sandals 6. Priory of Ten Raek tank 7. 3.1 Phillip Lim mini Vendetta bag 8. Prism New York sunglasses 9. Hannah Martin spur pendant