New Shoes – Zara White Wedge Courts – Petite Proportions

New Shoes - Zara White Pointy Wedges – Petite Proportions
These white wonders have been on my mind for a while…

Too long, so much so I genuinely thought I’d missed the boat on them. But a spontaneous nip into the Oxford Circus Zara en route to the M&S AW13 press day resulted in a quick trying on and snapping them up. Ok, not so quick. I’m terrible when it comes to trying on. I will put on, take off, put on again, trying every angle in the mirror – getting ever-more concerned/pitying looks from the staff and other customers. The reason these took so long was because I’m beginning to realise I need to go up a shoe size at Zara. Well, actually, a half size would be ideal. I’m stuck in that no man’s land between a size 38 (just a little too tight to be able to wear for longish periods of time) and a 39 (when I wonder am I crossing into little girl wearing her mum’s heels territory? If I was taller, this would be less of a problem, but as a bonafide shortie everything has to fit exactly right. There’s no room for playing around with proportions when you’re petite.) So, after quite a bit of agonising – basically they look like different shoes in the two sizes – I went for the 39. Only time will tell if I made the right decision. For now, I’m still at the doting stage. And, they are available online (Zara White Wedge Court) – don’t shriek too much at the price, m’ok?