Watch On Video: Natalie Massenet’s Talk At The Vogue Festival

Stylonylon - Watch On Video: Natalie Massenet's Talk At The Vogue Festival

The one speaker I would have loved to have seen at the Vogue Festival was Net-a-Porter’s Natalie Massenet…

Inspiring, successful and a tech visionary to boot, Natalie Massenet easily counts as a modern day idol for many in the world of fashion and technology. Net-a-Porter goes from strength to strength and has paved the way for fashion online. During her talk Natalie takes us through a Powerpoint-style instagram diary of her life and career (nataporter_mystorysofar) and I’m loving the shots above, especially the one of her as a teenager in wide-brimmed hat (she notes on this that had she been a teenager today she’d have been a blogger, obvs). Anyway, Vogue has just released the festival talks and you can view Natalie’s in its entirety below. A journalist, stylist, mother of two and a visionary entrepreneur – be inspired!