Fashion Bloggers: What Camera? Memoir Mode

Fashion Bloggers - What Camara?

I’m really excited to introduce the first of what I hope is going to be a new regular feature – Fashion Bloggers: What Camera? I’m such a camera geek that I love to know exactly what goes on behind the photography of my favourite blogs…

The lovely Kylie Martin from UK fashion blog Memoir Mode shares some excellent techy chat about her camera and lens, who takes her photos as well as her top tip on how to get great shots for outfit posts.

What camera and lens do you use for outfit posts?

I use a Canon 6D body and 50mm f1.8 lens.

Can you tell us why you use this particular equipment and what you like about it? 

Well, when I had decided to move up from my previous 500D I was originally wanting the Canon 5D II. I wanted a full-framed DSLR (no crop factor which is annoying with a 50mm f1.8 lens) and just overall better quality photos now that I was taking my blogging a bit more seriously and starting to get paid photography work. When I went to buy it it had literally just been discontinued due to the release of the 6D and upcoming release of the Canon 5D III. I read all the reviews and specs between the two new models and with the price difference (£1595.00 rather than £2335.00) I felt the 6D was more suited for me.

What is good from a blogger perspective is that it has built in WIFI so you can connect your camera to your phone via an app.  You can look at yourself on your phone with live view and change the settings, focus etc. Saves a hell of a lot of time taking outfit posts.

I love the 50mm f1.8 lens because it has a large aperture and gives a lovely depth of field (blurred background) – something that is popular with bloggers. What’s great is the price! Around £100. I would love to upgrade to the 50mm  f1.2, but it is way out of my price range at the moment (around £1100). I will probably upgrade to the 50mm  f1.4 soon, which is a lot less of an eye-watering amount. Photography is expensive!

Who takes your photos?

It’s a mix of tripod & remote, my mother and my husband. Although I do treat my poor mother and husband like a human tripod. I will make them go and stand where I will be standing. I take test shots of them and meter the light and arrange the settings (I never use auto). I then direct them what to do and where to stand. I am a bit (maybe a lot) of a bossy boots. I get quite annoyed if they don’t do as I say. My husband sometimes tries to do his own thing at his peril. As you can imagine they are becoming more and more reluctant. I have tunnel vision in the thinking sense.

A couple of times I have met up with fellow bloggers before an event or after and we have taken photos of each other. It was actually really fun and I didn’t get bossy at all (I hope). Bloggers know what it takes to get the shot you will be happy with putting on the interweb. It’s a great idea for all personal style bloggers to meet up with each other and help each other out.

Can you share one top tip for shooting outfit posts?

Let your clothes do the talking! If I have a maxi skirt, I will swish it around to give some movement in the photos. If I have a fit and flare, I will hold out the edges. Something with a kimono sleeve, I’ll hold out my arms. If it’s a garment that is sheer, I will stand behind the sun to let the sun shine through it. If I am wearing an over-sized hat, I will hold it to put more emphasis on it. Say I am wearing something quite 60s inspired, I will do a little 60s pose. I think it makes a more interesting photo than just standing there with crossed legs and hands on hips.

A big thanks to Kylie for such in-depth and interesting answers! You can follow Memoir Mode on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

All images from Memoir Mode.

Fashion Bloggers - What Camara? Fashion Bloggers - What Camara?