OOTD – Stars Jumper Meet Flowers

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These floral trews have been sitting in a pile of clothes for weeks now as I’ve guiltily looked past them…

I wore them once back in July and then, truth be told, I didn’t put them on again as they were just that little too tight and I hate clothes that are uncomfortable. However, when this gorgeous Stars jumper from Bank Fashion arrived and I was wondering what to wear it with, my eyes hovered momentarily and I pulled them on. And whaddya know, I must have lost an imperceptible centimetre or two around the hips because now they fit just fine! Thank goodness we haven’t entered winter proper yet and I can still show them off on warm sunny days.

So the stars. Unlike florals, which are always in, in one form or another – abstract, oversized, frilly detailed – stars seem to zoom in and out with a bang. One day they’re not there, and another, boom, they’re back in a big way. Remember when Kate Moss wore a stars dress to one of her infamous birthday parties and suddenly everyone had fake star tattoos on their cheeks? Stars are always magical, full of beauty, drama and dreams. Kind of like flowers, and so despite the visual initial clash, really, they make the best of friends. This jumper, though only £30 is a winner – lovely, cosy and soft and nice and loose on the neck. Because I wanted a looser fit I went up a size and really like the result. In fact, recently, I’ve been sizing up quite a lot in jumpers and tees.

Of course, the final part of this triumvirate of happy contrasts was to be my black Birkenstocks adding just a little extra bulk and attitude. Anyway, I’m off out to take some photos of my local area, as I’m doing my first piece of real journalism in absolutely ages!

Wearing Bank stars jumper (c/o & in sale), Zara floral trousers (summer season) & Arizona Birkenstocks.

UK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blogUK fashion & lifestyle blog