Buy & Why | Longhaul Beauty Essentials


We’re coming to the end of our trip (sob!) and I have an insane amount of photos to go through and edit. In the meantime I thought I’d show you a few more of the beauty essentials (see earlier post here)  I packed in my suitcase…

Tangle Teezer hairbrush – This has been an absolute revelation for me. I hate brushing my hair at the best of times, it’s always knotted and tangled from wearing it up all the time. The Tangle Teezer has taken all the pain away and is the perfect travel companion as I don’t need anything else. Totally need to get the leopard print compact version.

Dr Bronners bodywash – As we’ve been staying in a variety of hotels, you can’t always guarantee a decent and/or natural body wash, so I always travel with Dr Bronners. The 118ml size is perfect and it doubles up as shampoo and shaving cream and I can use the blue Baby Mild version for Gus too. I’ve even used it for the odd bit of washing up too! Totally brilliant.

Ministry of Waxing ingrown hair cream – As I had a mega wax before I left and I’ve always been prone to ingrown hairs, I thought I’d try this out. So far, so good. Expensive, but worth it.

REN Omega 3 Serum Oil – I chose this as the bottle size was nice and dinky and I wanted a night oil. It’s lighter than I’d normally use, and you’re meant to use it under moisturiser, but to be honest it’s been great on it’s own. And nice that it’s light in these warm climes.

Jason Cocoa Butter body cream – Ok, this was a bit of an indulgence sizewise and I haven’t used it that much as the places we’ve stayed have had some lovely body creams (go Australian skincare!), but I feel bereft if I don’t have something decent post shower and this is what I often use at home.

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