Espadrille Addict


At some point in the last couple of months, my usual spring/summer shoe fetish (read: die-hard Birkenstock wearer) underwent a momentous change. No misunderstandings, I haven’t given up on the ugly (and only IMHO ugly) shoes du jour, it’s just that a few season in and now that every, but everyone and every fashion spread, is toting them, my fetish has been drawn further afield… 

Back to an enduring classic, the espadrille. Who hasn’t been wearing these for years, of course? Hey mum-in-the-70s-looking-cool-in-bellbottoms-and-espadrilles-on-the-French-Riviera! But, and maybe I just missed the boat last year, espadrilles have got very exciting and very luxe.

It’s started just a few weeks ago when I ordered a pair pony-hair Manebis (which, truth be told, I sent back as they were too tight). But then I spent some vouchers on snake suede by Penelope Chilvers and the revelation was had. Espadrilles just look so god-damn good on your foot, right? The way the front half clings to your toes, following your foot shape through your arch to your heel.

I love how they hang loose a little when you lift your foot, are so comfortable for walking and that there’s no need to take them off when sitting cross-legged or kneeling because they fit so snug. Huge plus in my book, as someone very floor-based, I am forever slipping in and out of clunky boat Birks.

Last Thursday, things got a little fabulous, as I spent the day playing around with more Manebi styles that actually fit – omg, leopard print and the striped platforms?! Beyond excited, and you should know that the only place UK-based you can get the platform style are on fab little online boutique Shop Formula. See how amazing Caroline Blomst looks in her zebra pair? Enough said. Suffice to say, the aforementioned leopard beauties are now part of the Stylonylon espadrille club and you will be seeing them lots. And lots. All of them. My name is Julia and I am an espadrille addict, etc, etc…

A big thank you to Penelope Chilvers for indulging my addiction and sending me this gorgeous champagne silver pair.