Early Morning Sun


We’ve arrived to a blazing hot Algarvian heat, the kind that makes you appreciate thick old Portuguese walls…

But nothing beats an early morning cup of tea watching the sun rise over the dusty mix of olive and cypress trees and long grass. The light is golden and soft, the warmth gentle and embracing and the hour is quiet but for cockerels crowing. I say all this, not as a natural early bird; for years, I’ve been a late night type rising just in time to read emails mid-morning. Motherhood has pulled things back a little, but I’m lucky that Gus is not a super early riser.

This morning was one of those rare occasions I was dragged slipped out of bed at six and we plowtered outside to embrace the golden day. I also have with me the current issue of Porter magazine, which I must say, is pretty impressive – there’s a ridiculous amount of quality editorial, interviews and first person pieces. It’s a satisfying read, kind of the way I always think Vogue is going to be but always end up feeling less than fully sated (sorry Vogue!). I really don’t read magazines anymore, but I think I might make an exception for this one, a true online-to-print success story.

Off for a little sun-bathing now, enjoy your Sunday!

Above – Manebi espadrilles from Shop Formula and Porter magazine


Sipping rooibos tea in a Still Waters Studio kimono, suede Birkenstocks and leggings




My new, much loved, Sam Edelman tan slides