Away With The Stars


I think if the attendees at the Ganni pop-up store launch (mainly tall blonde Scandi types) had known there was such a busting star tee in their goodie bags things might have got a little less civilised than mere disorderly queuing for Jez Felwick  aka the Meatball Man’s incredible balafel...

Balafels at dawn. For Ganni’s Away With The Stars super-fine tee (also in blue and black) was truly the fair maiden of the night. And to find one of these 80-odd quid babies in a goody bag slung over your shoulder battling your way into the neighbouring bar for a sit down and drink with a pal, well, a moment worth swigging back a glass of red, that’s for sure.

Just as the island of Paros (where our last summer holiday takes us next week) has a sister island called Antiparos – no, it really does – so does my usual laidback approach to fashion sort of have an antithesis too (all within the super casual spectrum of course). Crazy tee, distressed skinnies and the old sneaks is about as norm-fash as it gets. I just made that up, maybe it’ll stick. I know this outfit will though. Stick, that is. Three key favourite lo-fi pieces which I’d usually ‘style up’ by contrasting with something a little slicker or sleeker but this is full on sofa lounging chic.

Except for… well, you can’t have missed it, surely. The big ol’ watchface (by British brand Shore Projects) on my wrist. Today was the first time I’ve worn a watch in probably over a decade. Beautiful to look and, hey, guess what, it meant I could actually leave my phone tucked away in my bag during this morning’s handbag factory visit, lunch and afternoon meeting and still know the time. Strangely liberating and nice not to have to feel that moment of rudeness when you duck down to your bag to scrabble around for your phone to light it up to tell the time and then notice various twitter/insta notifications which whisk you away…

Kate Bush has a point asking fans to leave their tech behind for her gigs and to be in the moment during her show, enjoying it for real. Basically what I’m trying to say in a very convoluted way is a simpler piece of technology can free us up from the captivating enthralls of hi-technology, if only just for a few breathe-easy seconds. So, let’s hear it for the watch and release our our minds for just a few more disconnected-from-tech moments. Feel free to spend them as you wish, even if it’s just looking up at the stars. Away with you now!


For this super lo-fi look I am wearing SOS Jeans*, New Balance 574 trainers*, Ganni t-shirt* & Shore Projects Portland watch with yellow strap*