Tanning Tip

Sepai Tan Prolong | Ruby Red body moisturiser | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

As a little follow up to my You Tube video (just went live this week, check it here!) I wanted show you this little product mash-up which I’ve been using to stimulate and prolong my tan… 

Sepai V6.8 Tan Prolong contains a peptide extract which helps stimulate tanning but also activates antioxidant properties (read more about the Barcelona-based company and its ethos here). This isn’t a natural or organic product like I usually go for but I was interested to see if it worked, and I completely loved the syringe packaging. You have to mix the extract with a base lotion – I used my travel body lotion by natural brand Ruby Red from the this Soothe & Nourish Body Set – and the final mixture can be applied to face and body. I did both. Before you mix, you need to soak the syringe in water for five minutes, then remove the rubber band and squirt in. Give it a good shake and you need to shake up the lotion each time you use it.

After a few hours each day in the sun on our trip to Greece I definitely was impressed with how my tan came along. Of course, it’s hard to say, and generally I tan quite easily. But now that I’m back in the not so sunny London I will be using it every day to keep my glow! This product was kindly sent for review – at £48 it’s probably more than I would spend on a product like this, but if you are committed to keeping your tan post holiday it may well be worth the investment! Available at Selfridges.

Sepai Tan Prolong | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon IMG_0451.JPGSepai Tan Prolong | Ruby Red body moisturiser | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon IMG_0450.JPG