Pales & Blues

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The luxury of the days between Christmas and New Year if you haven’t gone back to work stretch out beautifully and finally true relaxation starts to set in…

The gaps between online life start to lengthen and it’s a lovely place to be, making the online world all that more exciting when you come back to it. As I mentioned before I haven’t been checking out the sales due to sheer laziness and a slightly slow internet connection, but on my list are a pair of distressed white denim boyfriends and a leopard print bag of some description. I’ll let you know how I get on… Trash fash at its best, but worn with a minimalist look, so strong! If you are looking for some good discounts, there’s an extra 25% of sale prices on Shopbop, which might take the pain out of the import duty.

The glorious weather in Skye seems to have finally failed us, so I’m hunkering down keeping warm, my latest approach being to layer up with scarf and an extra chunky knit over my shoulders – feels divine! And, of course, the old tights under the trousers trick…

And then, of course, New Year is upon us. I know the way of blogs seems to be to summarise and summise on past and future, but I just don’t seem to have that in me right now. I’m looking forward to the new year, but my plans seem quite minimal. Keep on with the blog, take on some new work projects, hopefully move house and find some time for some writing if possible.

I think I already mentioned my resolutions which are mainly health-based, getting back to yoga and introducing daily swig of apple cider vinegar; I’ve seen this year out with such an impressive range of ailments my aim is to ward them all off… Anyway, signing off for now, will pop back tomorrow with some forest photos and my first long exposure water pic!

Toast | Sessun | MiH | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

⇑ Jumpers by Toast & Sessun (sold out at Liberty where I bought it)

⇑ Jeans by MiH

⇑ Boots by All Saints (sold out)

⇑ Scarf by Hush (20% off everything right now)