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What is it about small leather accessories that get me dancing the little mad dance? And equally so when a present isn’t just one you’ll keep forever but one you’ll use over and over as it boldly integrates into the intimacies of your life routine…

And I didn’t even know I needed this until it arrived in my life; a tiny little zipped leather case (bizarrely called a camera case on the Smythson site – for an incy, wincy, inches long camera if you have such a thing!) which I knew would be perfect for carrying jewellery around.

Being on the move, travelling, overnighting, I often like to have a few extra pieces of jewellery with me and always end up slipping rings and things into pockets or handbags , only to discover them by chance a few days later. More recently, I’ve taken to transporting favourite bits in a small cardboard box. But no more, not since this wondrous piece of yellow loveliness has entered my life.

Having received it a couple of days early (the logistics of splitting up Christmas with each side of the family!), the case has already proved its worth. A fine receptacle for my best rings, necklaces and handmade-by-my-clever-sister freshwater pearl bracelet and bright enough in its almost-neon jacket never to be lost.

I imagine, once home, it will proudly sit on my little dressing table still housing my most-loved yellow and rose gold pieces. Thank you Mum & Dad for such a wonderful present! And I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas with family, friends and lots of food & prezzies…!

Smythson | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

Smythson Panama case, currently wearing rings and necklaces by Stroem Design, Gramery Eight, AB Antonio Bayona, Maya MagalAkalis at I Love Designer & Annina Vogel

Smythson | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Smythson | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Smythson | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon