Weekend Beauty Notes

Exfoliate! Do you? I don’t enough, as I discovered last week when I nipped into Kiehl’s for my latest must-have-it-right-this-minute purchase…

01. My Thursday blowdry & hair tong at George Northwood with the lovely Elliott introduced me to the wonders of the half serum half wax Creme with Silk Groove – perfect to smooth down fine, flyaway hairs post tong and leave hair with a nice matte textured look. So giving into a very informative skin consultation at Kiehls Spitalfields – fyi, my skin is dehydrated due to build up of dead skin cells and product that needs sloughing off – I bought an exfoliator too, to use 2-3 times a week… I was interested to find out that quite a few of their products now come parabens free, due to customer demand, including the exfoliator.

02. On the face front – an exclusive! – I’ve been testing out French brand Kadalys’s all natural Musalis First Wrinkles nightcream (available soon in the UK); the products use extracts from Martinique banana trees and this all contains the skin youthening hyaluronic acid. It’s a little lighter than I’m used to but has found a perfect place in my nighttime ‘layering’ routine. I thought I made this process up, but apparently it is a thing. And over at Vogue online, they advise not going too overboard layering up products as you can reduce effectiveness – no idea if this is true or not but thought I should flag it up.

03. And the Lanolips 101 Ointment, I’ve been dying to try out for my lips ever since getting hooked on the rest of the award-winning, super natural range – the Golden Ointment for heels and dry skin and the anti-bacterial hand cream; the smell is like catnip to me! The lipbalm is suitably thick and moisturising and the special one I leave on my desk for a hit before I head out…


Lanolips 101 Ointment*∴

Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groove ∴

Kadalys Musalis nightcream* ∴