It’s My (Ear) Party


Got that teenage thang going on. Want to show off my piercings, and right now! Came across these gorgeous little earrings by independent British jeweller Reo Jewels on Instagram and stocked up …

The rose thorn is actually cast from a real life rose thorn and the other charm is a wishbone. They come in gold too and you can buy singles, if you are planning a little ear party like mine. I bought one of each. I went for smaller plain hoops, also in silver, for my double helix in my left ear…

And I’m super excited as planning a new piercing next week – I’m not sure where yet, but might make my double lobe three… It’s a strange thing, I had all my ear piercings as a teenager, belly button in my twenties (which I took out after a few months) and now suddenly I’m back to another in my thirties. Mid-life crisis much?

Anyway, do check out Reo Jewels, lots of unique pieces inspired by the woodland; fox fang hoops, rabbit rib bone ring and pine cone pendant….