Top to Toe

UrbanOutfitters5And then I found my perfect outfit. And contrary to what some might think makes up a perfect outfit this one is all from the same place…

In as much as that makes sense. Top to toe in Urban Outfitters, in their wonderful eclectic mix of brands. Whoever the buyers are, I salute you. So I bring you three key wardrobe pieces that work so perfectly together: the leather jacket (this is from the Urban Renewal line, reworked from old vintage pieces and is the perfect oversized boyish fit I’ve been after), stripy top which is flatteringly tight on the arms, loose everywhere else and navy pinstripe old man trousers with a nice bit of fray and drawstring waist. I went for everything in my normal size, ie. S or XS if they do it and wow, the trousers are even the right length, mega shock! No need for my usual DIY hatchet job this time.

Comfy, cool, casual. I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve never been very good at dressing sexy, cool has much more been the comfort zone to which I aspire. And the magic trick is, if clothes make you feel cool, then you’ve cracked it. Of course, the success of Stan Smiths have pretty much been this year’s and last’s shortcut to cool, but despite ubiquitous overkill have transcended their brand to an iconic level of staple, like a black t-shirt or pair of boyfriends. So line them up proudly (next to your similarly deified Birkenstocks, obvs!) and continue to add them to whatever cool gal outfit you’ve got going on… Although if you want to update the look, the velcro straps for woman have just arrived at Urban Outfitters too (I may* have just bought these, ahem.)

That’s all, see you later folks! Ps. Sorry for the quality of photos, the hazards of shooting indoors… 




Leather jacket* | Urban Outfitters

Top* | Urban Outfitters

Trousers* | Urban Oufitters

Trainers | Urban Outfitters (or update with the velcro strap version!)

Photos with help of my trusty tripod…


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