My Little Eye by Jay McLaughlin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATea tasting seems to be all the rage at the moment. The delicate flavours, the making of, consuming in hearty cosiness with pals. So Jay popped down to Whittard on Regent’s Street to to meet the tea experts…

“I particularly liked the white tea; I’d not been overly into it before, but the way she made it was really nice,” Jay said. And the red velvet tea cake, brownies and scones to accompany the many flavours sounded quite a treat – there was even a mulled wine tea, the perfect Christmas choice pre-drinks!

I’m quite stuck in my ways with the teas I drink, I have three flavours on rotation and that’s it! But it things like this which inspire you to spread your wings and try something new! For all you photo geeks, Jay took this shot on the new Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II with the 75mm lens (1/160 sec at f2.0, ISO 1250).

You can find Jay (fashion photographer & Olympus ambassador) on Instagram @jaymclauglin

 Stylonylon Photography Tip

I love shooting foodie style still lifes. First off, make sure you’re close to a decent source of light – if this means moving plates or table near to a window then do it! Find the shot that speaks to you – the image or mood that you want to convey – and either focus in on a small detail or get that classic from above viewpoint by standing on a chair. I saw a dinner table shot recently that must have involved a ladder, so don’t hold back!